Sunday, January 31, 2010

She said yes and other happenings...

Monday was piano for Izak & Micah, scouts for me, first aid again--we do all the requirements for a theme, we don't go rank by rank. A neighbor had called that afternoon to let us know that a pediatric doctor from St. George was on his way to Haiti and was donated a cargo plane so he had lots of room for donations--his brother lives in Cedar Hills and was spreading the word. So we went over to Walmart and each of the kids used his/her own money to buy the needed supplies. Tim and I also bought stuff too to donate. I called my sister who also knows this friend and she picked up some stuff and took it to her too. They got a whole truckload of stuff. It was nice for us to feel like we were doing something more personal than writing a check to the Humanitarian Dept or the Red Cross. They still need help so send your prayers and if possible donations. Here's an amazing story: Haitian Boy Sings Primary Songs Until Found

Tuesday was the usual help in kindergarten, I visited with a friend for awhile until I went to my visiting teaching interviews. That was fun, she watched Gwen for me while I helped since my other friend was at Disneyland--lucky!:) Emily had basketball practice and Izak's was canceled. Timo had a game and they won. I am sorry the video didn't work so I couldn't post it Taran's answer to Sweethearts. This was Taran's Sweetheart date's response to the toaster...she put Y E S ! on four Poptarts. She and one of Taran's friends danced to a song that said,"Fire burning on the dance floor!" I think something like that. We are glad and also happy we got the toaster back!(actually it only took forever to load but you can watch it at the end of this post--it's only part of it!)

Wednesday, I did some errands while Gwen was at playgroup. I visited another friend after playgroup, not as long as I'd have liked but owell. It was a little sad and someday I may tell the story, at least what I know... which is only part of it of course. Gwen got invited to a friend's after playgroup so she had fun with that and I was able to get some organizing done in our master closet...more to do but it's better! Emily had Musical Theater in the afternoon. Then Emily had New Beginnings that night, it was so well done! We are so blessed to have great leaders! FYI those not of our faith this is a special night for the young women of our faith and their parents and they talk about the theme for this year: Strong and Courageous...from a scripture in Joshua that escapes me at the moment...

"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest" (Joshua 1:9; italics added). I just went and found it. Love it!

Thursday I watched my niece and nephew while my sister-in-law went to her last check up before her induction this week! It's always fun to visit with her and the kids. That afternoon Emily had piano. We had pack meeting but since we also had a wedding reception we did not go to pack meeting. We went to Tim's cousin's daughter's reception. We had fun visiting with his aunt and uncle--she is their granddaughter. And various other family members including his sister and our niece. It was really nice, they seem like a great couple!

Friday my dad hung out over here while my got a haircut. I always enjoy his visits we have fun bouncing ideas off each other. My mom picked up Wendy's for lunch for the kids, which they loved. Taran had a camp out and a really nice cabin by Timberlakes a guy who lives in our ward owns. They had a blast but didn't sleep much! Emily had a birthday party for a girl from her theater class at classic skating check out her blog about that! Timo stayed late to take a test so I couldn't go to the temple like I have been doing most Fridays, owell. Timo and a friend went to a high school basketball game that night and fun I guess. Tim read that night and I folded laundry and exercised! So exciting I know!

Saturday Tim had to do the scoreboard for churchball at 7 AM. Emily and Izak had games and team photos that morning. Tim took Izak out for lunch on a date and I took Emily to see April Ann a play at the Hale Center Theater. Emily's director for Seussical Jr. was suppose to be in this cast but was not--some last minute changes. So we were a bit disappointed. It was still very good. After we got home Tim took Emily on down to his parents' to watch BYU thump Utah. Sorry Utah fans it was a thumping. Timo spent all day with his buddies and a girl making their Spanish video. Tim helped out with that while I was gone. I guess it's pretty funny. Taran was a zombie when he got home but managedto get his chores done and went over to his friend's and watched Shaolin Soccer, crazy funny Chinese movie--we've rented it before!

Zane had a talk today at church and mostly covered his mouth with his hands while he spoke, it reminded me of when he played the kazoo for the grandparents with his arm over his face! LOL! Church was great got me all fired up on Family History! Tim did his hometeaching today and our hometeachers came over. They are truly a blessing and just barely dropped off some fresh home baked snickerdoodles! Love the Rogers family!!!!

This week I get to go to parent-teacher conferences at the Elementary school and attend Taran's registration/planning for next year with his counselor this week too...folks he's going to be a senior! We get Friday off so we are glad for that! Enjoy February!!!! It's usually the hardest month on people of the whole year, make it your best!!!!!


The family said...

Don't ya just love the ym/yw theme this year? I honesly have heard so many peoplesay how they personally LOVE that scripture! Lovin your blog!

Shellie said...

What fun! I hope Dianne got over us (me) using up his film.

Steph said...

Wow, is that what life with teenagers is going to bring? Fun stuff.