Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dad's Birthday, and a few doctor's visits


Last Monday we met up with all my family to have ice cream at Thanksgiving Point deli/ice cream shoppe. My dad had been sick so we didn't do a big thing. The kids were excited. It was nice until they started running all over--its the lack of exercising... cabin fever... whatever... from winter. So we packed them up and went home before I needed to yell at them.

I picked some old photos of my dad to post with this. He is and was quite the character. He grew up in South Africa, his father worked on a mine. He had polio when he was about 4 years old. His granny saved his upper arm from the affects of polio by exercising it when the medical staff were gone. Yep. they thought back then if they strapped you down it would stop the disease from spreading. Unfortunately she was unable to get his leg out to exercise it so he has a limp and a weak ankle. Despite all this he grew up swimming, playing cricket, tennis and ping pong. He also learned to blow things up and had many interesting experiences. He owned a Vespa and took a road trip on it before his mission wearing a beret and a full gote--he looked very french! He made his way to Canada after his mission in South Africa by way of the Holy Land and Europe. He has had many interesting experiences. He reads like crazy and knows something about just about everything. If we had been wealthy he would have taken us all over the world I have no doubt because he loved to share new places and new things with us. And now with our children. I can't imagine how frustrating having Alzheimer's must be for him. He still has a great long term memory it's just remembering more recent events or how to do complicated tasks sometimes he finds challenging. He had what they think was a minor stroke in December so we are grateful he is still here. Hopefully, we can make some great memories with him this year before he gets worse. Life is so fragile and precious there is always something reminding us to enjoy each day and our relationships.

Gwen, Zane and Emily had strep this week. I got to take them all to the doctor--at different times. The inconvenience and cost pails to the Haitians and their circumstances so I am not going to complain. They are doing much better. Taran and Izak have nasty colds so they missed church today but are doing better too.

Tim got my Christmas present up--an 8 foot magnetic board in the kitchen for all the stuff, I am hoping it will get me organized.

We had more basketball this week. Emily missed her's because of strep but I actually got to go Izak's. He played great esp. at the end he hit a buzzer beater shot!

Saturday I got to go to a bridal shower for Tim's cousin's daughter, Michelle with Amy and Tim's mom. It was really fun to catch up with family there. I remember Michelle when Tim and I first got married, I am stunned she is getting married! How is it most days I don't feel as old as I am but then everyone keeps growing up it makes me feel old!?

Tim and I got to go on a little date last night, always a highlight of my week! Because of all the sickies at our house I rented some movies so we actually finally saw Night at the Museum 2, it was cute and some Wizards of Waverly Place movie that the sickies liked.

We hope you had a great week and keep up on those resolutions! You can do it!!!
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The family said...

Hello old friend! I am back on the blog again... I have a few minutes tonight and I knew I needed to come catch back up! i LOVE THE MAGNET BOARD IDEA - please post pics. Hope everyone is healthy and happy this week.

Cathy said...

Rachelle- I'm so sorry you've had sick kids this week! I can only imagine how hard it must be for you and your family to watch your dad as the illness progresses...I'm sure I don't have to tell you to enjoy every minute. You are amazing!

4boyzmdmom said...

Loved the photos! Hope everyone is all better soon...we're dealing with "sickies" here, also!

andrea said...

I hope everyone is feeling better at your house! Wouldn't it be nice if they all just got it together, negating the multiple Dr's visits and stringing it out for a week+? Sheesh! ;)

And you yell at your kids? Whatever! I could see maybe get a little irritated, but not yell.