Sunday, January 10, 2010

Muddling through the first week back...


So how are those New Year's Resolutions working for you? Well, don't give up it's a new week to get back on track. I actually stayed committed to mine all week. I know this week will be harder since I am so tired...what am I doing? Getting up at 5:30 AM to exercise and read my scriptures. Now this is huge because I am not a morning person in the least. I have found many benefits to this even though I need a nap every day but I did before anyway! Some day I'll post my insights and the blessings I have received.

Last Sunday night we celebrated my sister Teresa's birthday. My mom brought the food, we celebrated at my house so the kids and I decorated. It was yummy and fun. I think she had a good time and liked what she got. Monday we got to go out to dinner since some anonymous generous person gave us a gift certificate to the Pizza Factory. It was delicious and everyone enjoyed themselves. Teresa and my parents met us there as well and then Teresa came over after to watch TCU vs Boise St in the Fiesta Bowl. That was our family night. Basketball started in full force we had practices for Timo, Emily and Izak. Next week both games and practices for them. Emily, Timo, Taran and Tim aslo had church ball as well. We had a Court of Honor also last week. Taran and Timo don't really earn anything--usually. Taran just needs to finish his hiking merit badge and Timo needs that one and 2 more he's almost finished. And then Timo needs to do his Eagle project and Taran needs to get his paperwork done for that but at least the project is done! Friday night my sister had some free tickets to a Utah Flash game it's a D league team. I think. Meanshile Gwen was sick at home. So Tim took Emily and the little boys to the game. Taran went to the high school game and Timo hung out with friends. Saturday besides basketball stuff Tim and I went on a lunch date and then prepared for Sunday. All week I worked on stuff for my big scout meeting today with all the 10 year olds who turn 11 this year. Today I took Gwen to the doctor while everyone else was at church--strep! She had ran a fever whenever the Ibuprofen wore off! She seems to be feeling better since she got her antibiotic. My meeting turned out good everyone came but one family. We just explain the program and what they need to be a scout, when we do our camp outs and the district stuff. It helps the parents not feel so overwhelmed by all the requirements--at least we hope it does that! Tomorrow is my dad's 74th birthday, hopefully he is feeling better from his cold to celebrate tomorrow night. The doctor said that Gwen should be fine since she will have been on her antibiotic 24 hours. Have a great day at a time!:)
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