Friday, August 7, 2009


Summer is flying by! I have tons of photos I haven't posted...we've had great fun with family and friends that I hope to get caught up somehow. Sometimes life is just more important than blogging, right? Please watch Arthur Brooks speech I posted before this, his research has some implications that could change our economy and social problems. I hope no one is hiding their head in the sand over the health care debate. You need to know what is proposed and let your representatives know how you feel about it. Ronald Reagan said that government programs are as close to eternal life as we have here on earth. Let's not jump into something that will take decades to get rid of once we figure out the government can't do it right! I know, as those who have read my previous post about what does the government well? I love this country and that is why I spend time each week trying to find out what the government is up to. Let's not be bullied or coerced into something that will not fix the health care problems we have. Sorry, I digress but hey it's part of my summer to be involved and try to help others know what is going on. We only have ourselves to blame if we do nothing. I know we are all busy so just remember that the next time you have to wait 2 months to get an MRI for an ill family member because of our new health care program. No promises that I will get off this soap box soon! But I do hope you are having a fabulous summer because I think we have, so far!

PS The photo is of kids playing on our basketball court late on a summer night, sweet! Nice sunset, eh?

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