Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 3: The Curse of Parley Canyon


So the last day we actually spent in Park City shopping, no pictures of shopping--the boys would never allow it! But I did get a shot of this cool old barn in Park City as we drove by! We had planned to go to Salt Lake City and see some sights we haven't seen in awhile but we spent too much time in Park City. Tim took the little ones back to the kiddie rides since we had tickets for them still. I took the rest of the kids shopping, we actually split up the big boys wanted to go to the sports outlets. Tim bought lunch on his way to meet up with us. We it at the nice tables in the outlet. We went to Walmart afterward to get some bottled water and ended up with some other things as well. That's when we decided to head home. I fell asleep as soon as we got onto the freeway. Next thing I remember is Tim saying "I have to turn off the power steering went out!" WHAT? So we got off and found a Smith's grocery store parking lot to stop at. We checked it out, the radiator we knew was on it's last leg but our mechanic has been patching it for us but now we think we really need a new one. But I noticed the belt was lose and sure enough Tim got under and the steering pulley (?) was gone. Okay, this is non-mechanic me trying to remember exactly Tim thought but it made sense at the time why the power steering wasn't working and the car was over heating. So I called my family our rescuers--Tim's parents would have come but they were in the temple! My mom and my sister came. My mom called AAA and got it towed free. So our dear 'mickey' van is getting fixed. But this is NOT the first time, every time we have used that canyon to get to or from Park City we have had trouble--we shot a rod in our 'mini' van one year! We are glutens for punishment, we love Park City but our vehicles don't! My sister was sweet and took the kids in her car for milkshakes and Tim bought us snow cones while we waited for the tow guy. It was still a great mini-vacation despite the ending! But now you can see why we rented a vehicle the last time we went to California!
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The Cranes said...

WE cursed you by going to Olympic Park! Sorry! :(

4boyzmdmom said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the car! We were nervous about going up to Massachusetts; the last time we did that the transmission went out on our van. Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened this time! Seeing your photographs make me miss the Utah mountains!