Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

So Zane FINALLY got to go to school today! Here they test the kindergartners over a week long process to assess their needs. This is fine for kids who don't have older siblings in school but for kid number 6 he was very anxious to get to go to school! He doesn't really have anyone in his class but a girl from preschool so he will make lots of friends. I like his teacher she taught Taran and Timo when they were in 1st grade. I think there are 6 kindergarten classes, so there is another 8 AM class and a few neighbors are in that one so we will carpool with them starting next week. I only got teary twice as I contemplate my littlest boy is now in school. He is such a unique individual, as they all are, but you always hope that their teacher will appreciate them for their cute individual self. So 6 down and one to Some days I have thought this will never come I will always have all these little ones at home. But it is coming and part of me is sad and part of me is happy to move to new adventures. Taran will be old enough to serve a mission when Gwen starts school, that will be an adventure for sure!


Heidi said...

ONE LEFT!! What are you going to do with yourself?? Oh wait, the same thing you do every other day. Exciting times at your house!!

Shellie said...

I know how you feel. Who wouldn't appreciate Zane's unique self? He's so fun!