Friday, May 1, 2009

Tulip Festival

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Alan and Karen Ashton started Thanksgiving Point as a way to thank God for their blessings. Karen wanted to have a garden that people could visit and find peace. She also wanted to have a Tulip Festival inspired by annual Tulip Festivals in Dutch communities all over the world. This year I got to go 2 times. The first time with two good friends, Merrily and Melissa. Merrily and I visit teach Melissa, the other lady we visit was unable to come at the last minute so we couldn't really change our plans. We still had a delightful time.

Our family got a family membership last summer so we had never have gone before. Our kids love the gardens so I suggested going there to Izak who had family night. He jumped at the idea. My mom had wanted to go so we invited her, my dad and sister. It was great. The kids had never seen the fish pond, I found it with my friends. This was a huge hit. They were able to feed them. I noticed in the preview at the pond it cuts off some of the kids' heads, sorry! My parents and Teresa had a great time too. We are so blessed to have so many beautiful things in our lives.


andrea said...

Beautiful! I meant to go this year, but didn't make it...I guess I'll try again this year. Maybe by then Ellie will understand why you don't pick the flowers, just look! :)

4boyzmdmom said...

Beautiful photos--makes me want to visit Utah!

Heidi said...

I love the tulip festival. I had to miss it this year. It sounds like you are putting your TP membership to good use.