Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Updates ...broken dreams, fixed pianos and more

So I have a lot of catching up to do! But I am going to include a collage or something with pictures (soon)so maybe that will spare you the unimportant details--no promises though. I have to admit that I would have forgotten a lot of things if I hadn't just looked at the photos just now!

I'll start with celebrating my brother Charl's birthday at Ethel and Emmett's a new 'diner' type place in Lehi. The food was good it just is very busy! I had my first camp out with our 11 year old scouts--I didn't include any photos of that. I will post those on our troop blog soon. We just do our camp outs in the other leaders' back yard. It's low key and gives them something to REALLY look forward to when they are 'regular' scouts. I stayed until we needed to leave for Charl's b-day.

The next evening Emily and I attended my niece Erika's dance recital. It was really fun, the theme was video games. Obviously this was a modern dance style of dance. She did great and it was fun to watch we did have to evacuate for a while because the fog machine went crazy and set off the smoke alarm! Owell, at least it wasn't a true emergency!

Tim took Taran and his friends to a theme restaurant the Mayan to celebrate his 16th birthday--we had to wait since some of his friends went out of town for spring break. They have some style of Mexican food and a cliff diving show in the restaurant. They had a lot of fun. I took Izak to Pack Meeting so Tim took Taran and gang. Timo and Emily held down the fort!

Emily is making rock candy, we have the jars in our window. They are very colorful but I wonder how long we should wait. It's almost been a month!

Emily was in the Hope of America program put on in Utah County. Since our school doesn't participate--we can't do everything, I guess. My sister Teresa invited her to come with her class--5th graders are invited. Emily had a great experience and my Mom & I enjoyed watching the program. It's a great patriotic program.

The Saturday morning before Mother's day Izak and I went to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. It was delicious, his meal was free for being a good student. We had a nice little date! That night we got together with my side of the family for a BBQ at Charl's house. It was really fun for us. Meanwhile, at home Taran was suppose to be competing in a battle of the bands at the high school. Earlier in the week the drummer realized he wouldn't be able to do it, after a few calls they found a friend willing to do it. They practiced with him, things seemed alright. Friday Taran wasn't feeling 100% and was going on a hike and camp out with the Varsity Scouts. He almost lost his sleeping bag and pad. He came home tired and not feeling much better, not sure he could sing that night. We had already set up this BBQ thinking the band thing was Friday night and then found out it was Saturday, later. So we wished him luck and left, he didn't feel good about doing it--we thought nerves but now I think it was more than that! On their way to the high school our digital piano fell out of the truck. Yes. This is kind of info you want to get by phone. Tim ate with us and went out to see the band perform. When he got to the high school he couldn't find Taran. He ran into one of Taran's friends and he said that he didn't know where Taran was but that they weren't on the list. After they changed pianos, they showed up and the teacher in charge said they had to be there at 5:30 PM or they couldn't perform, it was 6:30 PM then. So Tim called Taran and found out everything that had happened, somehow they didn't hear about the 5:30 PM check in time. So they left very angry and went to Wendy's (restaurant) to pout. He pouted almost all the way through Mother's Day--loads of fun! But good news the piano works, Tim took it apart and other than one of the feet to a stand being broken and some scratches it works fine, really! Tim was kind of ogling a new piano but it's a blessing really. Apparently everyone at school heard about it!

Mother's Day was nice Tim always does so many nice things for me. I feel more like it's wife's day! My little kids did make me some cute stuff and I loved how excited they were to give it to me! We went to Tim's sister Amy's and enjoyed a yummy BBQ there. We also celebrated Pew family May birthdays too.

I have mentioned in other posts that we have been in the middle of soccer and baseball. Soccer finished last Saturday. Baseball has about a month left. Timo also finished his lacrosse season. He had a great experience. He was very reluctant at first, but as the season went on he enjoyed it more. (None of his friends played so that's why he didn't want to do it but we spent money on a camp and equipment so he could do it, so he did). I thoroughly enjoyed watching lacrosse. It's a sport I don't know at all but it's so fun to watch! His coach was amazed that it was his first time playing, he asked Timo where he learned his skills. Timo is a quick learner. He figures stuff out and knows how to implement it. He is excited to play high school next year! Taran decided not to play soccer this spring for the high school, he did last year but decided that's not what he should do. A family in our neighborhood asked if he would coach the team the father was suppose to coach since none of the dad or him could really fit it into their schedule. So they set up a payment plan and he has had a lot of fun coaching them and earning money. They are pretty good but needed to learn some skills. The girls and parents have been thrilled with his training and coaching. It's fun to see my kids develop new skills.

Emily had her big debut as Giselle in the Up with Kids version of Enchanted. It was cute and Emily did a great job on her part--that I could see. The younger girls from our neighborhood did a cute job too--it was hard to see very much since they had the performance in a elementary school cafeteria with a stage. So we bought the DVD so maybe we'll see it better! There were tons more kids this time in it so tons more people who came to see it. We appreciate all those who came to support Emily since it was so uncomfortable.

The next night was Timo's choir concert--he's in Men's Choir. They did a good job. Taran had his concert the next night for Men's Chorus at the high school. It was a fun pirate theme for half of it. Thanks to Teresa for saving seats both nights!!! She was a lifesaver!

Zane also sold lemonade one day at preschool and we came to buy it and they counted out the money. It was very cute.

Izak had a rocket launch for Pack Meeting one of the nights of the concerts so Tim went. It was pretty fun, I hear. Tim put the rocket together and Izak decorated it. They launched them at the park--they actually had a guy who they pay to launch them. The little kids enjoyed watching it as well.

It got warm enough one day the kids actually ran through the sprinklers. Last week we got into the 90s one day--crazy for this time of year!

Last Saturday after our last soccer games I went to Park City with my sister. We had a fun time shopping and singing along to the radio that was playing New Wave 80's all weekend, talk about memories! Charl and Katie were up there as well so it was fun to see them too.

The kids have 4 days of school--3 for the jr high & high school. I can't wait! It will be nice to be more laid back. Some of the kids have had big projects the last few weeks which means we are involved.

So hurray for summer!!!


4boyzmdmom said...

Wow, so much stuff going on! I'm glad the piano is ok! We can't wait for summer, either--but we still have 3 weeks left--ughh!

Janna, Will, and Grace said...

Sounds pretty crazy. Wow. I am glad the piano survived falling out of the truck.

Shellie said...

Thank goodness the piano was ok. If Tim['s up for a challenge he can help me dismantle mine to get the crumbs out taht are sticking the keys down on mine :) hahah