Sunday, July 22, 2012

Testimony Journal

This week I taught the Mia Maids, I am the secretary so I substituted. The lesson was on Testimony: what is a testimony, how do we get one and why we should share it.  I added why we need one.  I got the impression to make them testimony journal.  I really want to make things meaningful not just to make them to be cute.  I kind of ignored the impression but I had some impressions that I really needed to do it.  So finally Saturday I got the supplies--yea, usually I do this sort of thing early in the week to allow plenty of time for problems.  I was guided at what to do from buying supplies and on.  A testimony that this was what these young women needed.  I shared with them something that I do, when I have an experience that confirms my testimony of a Gospel Principle I write about it in my special diary on the computer.  I have written experiences from as far back as I can remember as a kid.  I gave them a list of Gospel Principles to help inspire them of things they can write about starting with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ his Son...The girls loved  them and thought they were really cute which made me feel better since I was worried it might be too cheesy.  They seem excited to write about their testimony.  If it helps just one of them it was worth it!

Supplies: yellow jr tablets from Walmart, pack of 3 $1.50 (they are about scripture size so I really liked this size for them to be able to carry them in their scripture cases, almost a 1/2 sheet of cardstock, I printed the theme scripture 2 per sheet and had to do some trimming, I got the graphic here: , I had the black ric-rac I got on clearance in the spring at Walmart, I had these tags also but you can get them in the office supply area of Walmart that's where I got them a few years ago, I used  yellow polka dotted paper (1/8 of a 12 x 12) and I used double sided tape to tape the papers to each other and over to the back then I glued the ric-rac over the seam.  It took me an hour and half to make 18--I made 2 extra in case we had visitors, which some other leaders snatched up!  So maybe this will be helpful for someone out there.

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4boyzmdmom said...

These are a great idea...not cheesy at all! I will remember if I ever teach on testimony! :) Forgot to say on your 24th of July post that I totally have to go up the canyon when I am there in September! That is one of the things about Utah that I miss!