Sunday, July 1, 2012

The end of June and we are caught up!

Thanks to those who posted comments.  I am grateful to know you read it.  I know it's not very interesting, so I get it!  But I love reading family and friend blogs...  So hopefully this will be caught up for a couple of weeks.

I am starting with Father's Day, in the collage are photos of Gwen making Tim breakfast.  He has blueberry Eggos:) fresh strawberry syrup bacon and sausage and juice.  We gave Tim Mall Cop and a SpongeBob DVDs and a new tennis racquet.  His recently broke. Then we went to church and then after church we went to my mom's for a BBQ.   We gave my dad some chocolate and summer pjs--mom's idea!  After we dropped the kids off at home we went to Tim's parents' to visit with his dad for a little and him his present.  Then we headed to the airport to get my sister who had been out in Williamsburg, VA for a teaching thing (she got a grant to go so it was mostly paid for by the Larry Miller education something-or-another). 

Monday was my birthday.  45 years!  Wow!  Hopefully no more than 45 more:)  Anyway, Zane had Cubscout Day camp that day.  He met at a leader's at 6:30 AM.  I hadn't slept well and let's just keep it simple it was a good thing because he would have missed it because we weren't going to get him up until 7:30 AM!  Tim got me a Roxberry smoothie for breakfast since my mom was taking me to lunch.  Once Zane got back from day camp we went to Seven Peaks SLC which used to be Raging Waters.  Tim had worked from home but took the afternoon off.  He was a jewel.  Timo and Emily each brought a friend.  I hung out with Zane and Gwen in the wave pool and kiddie pool areas.  We did go on the lazy river too.  It was fun and we left at dinner time and we stopped at JCWs.  I wasn't sure what I wanted.  I only at half my salad from Cafe Rio when I went out with my mom.  But I wasn't super hungry still.  Zane suggested it so we went with it.  Tim and I split a bacon cheeseburger meal...perfect not too full.  Satisfied.  It is a lot of food!  Then we went back to the house for cupcakes and presents which somehow those pictures  got deleted!  Tim and kids gave some movies, a skirt and a Samsung Tablet.  It has been fun this past week or so to learn how to use it.  I have read 2 books on it, sent emails, listen to Pandora and done other fun things on it.  I can imagine it will become indispensable like other techologies!  Tim and I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman that night.  It was weird.  I didn't hate it but it was dark and not as good as I had hoped it would be.    Owell.

Tuesday back to normal!  Zane and Gwen went to Especially for Kids and day camp thing our neighbors do each summer.  They loved it.  I went to the temple after I dropped them off.  Then that afternoon I went to the church and made decorations for Girls Camp.  It was optional for girls to come and help and we also had girls come and make up their own virtue banners.  Izak had his first Personal Fitness Merit Badge class. That night Izak had his Board of Review to be a first class.  YEAH! 

Wednesday Gwen and Zane had EFK again.  I dropped Emily and Izak off at the temple.  I picked up June and they were done so I picked them up on the way back.  We took June to the school library with us--it's only open Wednesdays 10-noon.  She was great then we walked back.  We played with her and then she napped and woke up just before Anna got here.  Then we packed up and went to my parents'.  My mom had her high school reunion and she was helping with it.  So she left that afternoon.  It was hard on dad having her gone but she needs the break.  He didn't sleep well that whole week we were there.  He did some weird stuff because of it.  Owell, that's the way it goes!  My sister had her foot operated on that Friday so I took care her when her surgery was over, at my mom's.  Timo didn't like driving to work from Orem but it was only 2 days.  Tim drove Micah back for lacrosse.  The kids liked having all the channels but they also helped in the yard while they were there. Friday was our first letter from Taran on his actual P-day.  That was fun.  He is doing well.  You can check out his blog on my blog list if you want.  My mom got back Saturday afternoon.  We sent Timo home with the kids to clean the house/Saturday chores.  Tim and I stayed to clean my mom's house and mow the lawn.  Keith and Amber (bro and SIL) stopped by with their dog Ginger.  It was nice to visit with them as well.  Once my mom knew what was going on with Teresa and her meds I went home.  We went to see Brave that evening after dinner,  It was really cute.  A great family show.  Not as cute and clever as Tangled but still very good.  The kids liked it--Timo didn't go, he doesn't like Scottish accents! 

Sunday Timo spoke in church and Izak taught his deacon's class. It was a busy day!  They survived.  Timo did well.  We made some pretty awesome lemon bars for dessert I found on Pinterest.  I taught the devotional on prayer-I am working on my Personal Progress since I am in YW it's great! 

Monday Micah and Izak started soccer camp.  They went each day 8-11 AM.  Tim or Timo dropped them off and I picked them up.  For FHE Tim had to put together Micah and Zane's rockets for Pack Meeting the next day so we watch Mall Cop on Clearplay while they did that!  (I actually was exercising on my elliptical).  Tuesday I went to the temple at 7 AM with the YW president, one of the Laurel advisors.  We met up with the Stake Camp director, stake YW leaders and our own ward camp directors.  We wanted as many YW leaders to go as possible to prepare us for camp.  We had planned that before the stake planned theirs so we joined in--it was suppose to be for YW Presidents and their Camp Directors.  I slept lousy again but went anyway!  I slept in the temple--I tried not to as much as possible.  Owell,  then we YW presidency meeting at 10 AM.  At 2 PM we did more decorations for camp!  WOW!  Huh!  We actually had a lot more girls and got a lot accomplished.  I am finishing up the rest on my own.  Tuesday night Timo had a surprise birthday party and had a meeting about the choir fundraiser selling fireworks after.  I went grocery shopping while Tim took Zane and Micah to Pack Meeting.  They shot their rockets off at the park.  Zane's was a navy white BYU rocket and Micah's was random colors he picked.  He didn't really want any help so whatever.  I was beat but I still exercised that night. 

Wednesday we had June again and we took her to the library with us.  We fed her lunch and she had a nap.  We took her to see the chicken's that we were watching while the owners were out of town.  She seemed to like them.  After she left I worked on camp stuff.  That night was a camp clinic, our last.  I almost didn't go, I was so tired.  It was good, I was able to get  a few things for camp that I would have forgotten about if I hadn't gone.  Tim had a softball game while I was at YW and they won.  Izak babysat since he had scouts on Thursday night.

Thursday I went to the bank and Costco first thing. Then I got  the kids ready to go swimming after lunch.  I got snacks and the beach 'bag' ready.  Timo took them to my sister's pool (free swim day) while I went to lunch with my nieces, sister-in-laws and mother-in-law.  We went to Firehouse subs, yummy!  It was fun then I had to drop off Tim's wallet to him. I picked up some stuff for Teresa and myself at the dollar store.   I finally made it out to the pool at 3 PM and we left at 4 PM.  Overall the kids had a lot of fun.  Teresa and mom stayed until I could come.  That night I worked on banners for Girl's Camp and then Tim and I went to get a snowcone--a place just opened next to Walmart.  I finished the second book that was on my tablet, pretty cool! It's called A Posse of Princesses.  I got off Amazon.  It had good reviews and had shown up where 'people who bought this also looked at this' .  Tim had bought me The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale a Newberry Honor book.  I read it years ago but she has a sequel coming out this fall so I wanted to read it again. A Posse of Princesses has a weird cover but the story is just delightful if you like that sort of thing,  The main character is a strong female character with great personality traits but it's not super deep but I loved it and would definitely read it again.

Friday I was super duper tired because I had stayed awake finishing the book.  I was thinking of taking the kids to a movie but decided top get  a Redbox movie instead.  They ended up having lots of fun with friends all day so they didn't watch it until we were on our way to the family party for June and July birthdays that night.  I made a cake for dessert from pinterest a chocolate cake with frosting surrounded by KitKats (28) and then topped with peanutbutter m& ms.  It was a hit! We had a fun night visiting.  That afternoon we had gotten another good letter from Taran.  It's nice to know somewhat of what is going on there!  Timo had to work at the fireworks fundraiser so he missed the family party.  Unfortunately because of the lack of rain and intense heat Utah has been experiencing lots of fires so there are bans on fireworks in certain areas.  Last year was the first year we could buy aerial fireworks and there were no bans we had had a very wet spring and people went nuts.  So this is adversely affecting the sales!   It's a bummer. 

Saturday Micah had a lacrosse game at 9 AM so I took him since I haven't seen him yet.  Tim took Taran a package with some more things he had forgotten.  We sent him a 4th of July package on Friday with various RED, WHITE & BLUE goodies and candies and some glow in the dark bracelets.  I was going to send some snaps and poppers but Tim thought we shouldn't.  We spent most of the rest of the day housework and yard work.  Emily went to a party at Orange Leaf to say good-bye to a friend who is moving. Timo and Tim played tennis.  Izak and Micah played soccer with the King family (Taran's friend Stephanie's family) and his friend Andrew drove them.  He said that he would take them until he goes on his mission (this month).  They were so excited because they have been doing this for at least a year maybe more on Saturdays. 

Today was Fast Sunday and we or I had a laundry list of things to fast for.  I bore my testimony I knew I was suppose to but I wasn't sure on WHAT.  I have been reading a lot about reading the scriptures in preparation for my lesson in YW in a month.  I have a testimony that when we read the word of God we are blessed with understanding, peace and strength/greater faith to see our problems through or solve them.  I also have felt great joy in participating in helping the Lord's work go forward.  When we share the gospel message of Jesus Christ we feel his love at a greater level in our lives.  We don't have to be a full-time missionary like Taran to do that we can feel this as we serve those around us, that is equally sharing his love which is what the gospel is all about.  We also do it when we serve in the temple.  We are helping others receive the blessings and covenants they could not receive in this life by doing their work by proxy.  I feel that same joy and love in the temple as I do this.  So these are some of my feelings I shared.  I hope they make sense!  Gwen taught our devotional tonight, cute!  Emily helped her.  So there we go! 

Happy 4th of July!  I am truly grateful to live in this country even with all it's challenges. I know God is in charge, I trust that all that has happened is all part of His great plan.  I am grateful to those who gave their lives so I can live in this country.  I pray I can live in a way that will sustain freedom in this country. 

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4boyzmdmom said...

Wow you have so much work to do for Girls' Camp! In our stake most of the work is done at the stake level and the ward camp directors do the rest so we (YW presidency) didn't have to do anything really. I feel almost guilty about it! And I wish I could have gone but Frank didn't have days off. We aren't invited to Youth Conference this year either because they are doing a Trek but maybe next year I can go to both! I am working on Personal Progress too; it is really great. You are a master at serving other people--I really learn a lot from reading all the things you do. Someday maybe I will be as good as you I hope!