Sunday, March 25, 2012

A lost week for mom...

So the title is giving you a clue about this week, I got the flu! That's what get for not getting the shot! Anyway, it didn't happen until Tuesday.

Monday, I went to my parents'. Micah had woken up with a cough so he came with. I had a nice visit with my dad while my mom ran errands which she took Gwen on one. We went straight to Walmart to get a poster for Micah to make for scouts. Why he didn't remember on Saturday--I guess I was gone so it wouldn't have mattered! We picked up Izak and Zane so Izak didn't have to walk home with his crutches. Anyhow, I took Timo to his PT appointment and then to work. Tim was able to pick him up when he was done. We had a wonderful time at the Ashford an assisted living place for people with Dementia and Alzheimer's. Emily goes there on Fridays to sing for them so she was excited we were all going. The kids were a little nervous but by the end all but Gwen had settled in and enjoyed themselves. My friend Stephanie organizes it and asked if we wanted a turn and for sure we did! We need that! It was so touching to hear them sing I Am A Child of God with us. I had a hard time praying after that. Zane taught the lesson, for his Faith in God he shared a story about faith in Jesus Christ from the Book of Mormon and then he was suppose to share his testimony. Just as he started one of the residents cut him off and ended it 'In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." It was pretty funny and Zane has retold that to anyone who will hear him tell it. The Gwen, Izak, Emily and Timo played the piano for them--Emily sung with her song. We shared our FHE treats with them. It was a great experience and we look forward to doing it again!

Tuesday I woke up with a cough, Micah's cough actually was more lose but it sounded bad so we kept him home. I ended up staying home instead of going to the temple, I am glad I did. I was thinking of the sweet old ladies getting this cough. Well, I got worse. Emily called me because she had started to feel bad at school--same thing. I picked her up. After I dropped her off I decided to go to Costco since we needed some things from there but I really wasn't feeling very well. I knew Tim would hate missing a beautiful day to play tennis at lunch and would hate to have to find some of the new things I was going to get! I survived! I picked up Gwen then dropped her off at home and picked up Izak and Zane from school. The kids had piano so they all went but Micah--Emily felt okay enough and had missed the week before for the Drama Meet. Zane had scouts after piano. After I had done some stuff with the kids and their homework I went to bed. Something woke me up at 4 so I got going on dinner. Tim went with Timo over to Taran's friend who got his mission call that night so he came up and stopped by after. His friend is also going to Mexico, Chihuahua! Tim's grandpa was born there!

Wednesday I felt achy all over but a little better. I thought I might have a fever so I didn't have June. I am glad I didn't because I did. I slept until I picked up Gwen and Luke. I dropped him off. Gwen watched PBS kids while I slept. I woke up after 2 hours! I got her lunch, I ate and showered and piddled around until I had to get the kids at school. Then I took Timo to PT. I stayed in the van after I paid for the co-pay. I read and coughed and rested. Then I dropped him off at work and went home. Tim tried to get home early enough to take Timo but it didn't happen. I tried to find Timo's wallet so he could drive himself but I couldn't. Tim made dinner thank heavens for dino nuggets from Costco I had bought eons ago! After we got the kids in bed Tim took me to the after-hours and I had a sinus infection and an ear infection! Complications of the flu. We got the meds and came home. Tim stayed home Thursday I slept most of the day. He went to high school twice for Timo (pay for AP testing and tickets to the school musical). He took Gwen and Luke to the duck pond and then Mc Donalds after. They had a lot of fun. Tim took Izak and Zane to swimming lessons. Emily had play practice. Tim got her after the boys swimming lessons. My mom brought us dinner. She knows Tim hates to cook. It was delicious! And a huge blessing. By evening I could tell my fever had broke. I was weak but I felt better. Timo asked his friend to the Prom right after work--he'd heard someone else was going to ask her soon. So he did it right away. Tim went to bed early because he was going to the Midnight Showing of The Hunger Games. Emily had been invited to see it with friends Friday but we like to screen PG 13 for our kids. I didn't want to see it. He had read the books and told me the whole story and I just didn't think I could handle it as books or a movie. Timo had a paper due the next day and had to be on the computer until late. We also need to be in the room with our kids when they use the internet. Yes, we have filters, but still we feel we need to still be HERE. So instead of going to bed at a decent hour I stayed up until he finished. I re-lasped the next day.

So Tim stayed home Friday. He had decided that Emily could see the movie so she was happy. I was so bummed that I was worse than Thursday. I hurt, not ached. I slept most of the day again. Tim took Gwen to her swimming lessons. He took Timo to his PT appointment--the last one! Then he went to get Emily after school--she was suppose to stay late to find out who won for student council. She ended up not finding out so she got on the bus in time. Supposedly Monday they will tell! My mom got some flowers for Emily for me. I wanted her to know how proud we were of her for being so brave, win or lose! My mom also brought frozen pizza the kids favorite! She took Gwen back with her so we could make sure Gwen was at her dance recital on time. It was in Orem and with Tim having to pick up Timo from work we weren't sure (but we were right) we'd make it by 6:30 PM when she was suppose to be there. Emily and her friends made t-shirts for the movie. I made myself shower and go even though I still felt bad. We left them and took Izak, Micah and Zane to Gwen's dance recital. We only stayed for her part--the very first demonstration. She was darling and was really good! The little boys complimented her. She was so proud! My mom also got flowers for her for us! Lifesaver! We took the kids to Walmart to rent a movie at Redbox and get them a treat (and other things we actually NEEDED). We rented Tin Tin. They loved it. I only saw a little. We had found out that Tim might need to pick up Emily and some of the kids after the movie so we went to bed as soon as Tin Tin movie was over. I was working on my CERT test homework during the movie. I had totally forgotten about it. We had told Timo to come on and lock the door when he was done because we were going to bed. He had seen a little bit of Paranormalcy so he was freaked and slept in our room that night! Another dad picked up the kids but I woke up at about 1:30 AM and unlocked the door--Timo had locked it and I thought Emily might have trouble waking us up if she couldn't get in.

Saturday Timo had a meeting he had to cook for at 6:30 AM so Tim got him up at 6:15 PM. I had CERT at 8 AM. Tim drove me there. Izak had a party at 10:30 AM and one of his friend's mom's took him there--it was at Space Camp! They can't get enough of that! From there he went with the boys on his soccer team to their game in Orem, which they won. He was glad to go and we want him to go to all the games even though he can't play yet. I survived our CERT drill. I actually learned a lot but I was not as alert as I would have liked! But now I can feel a tiny bit more prepared in an event...they told us to come practice as much as we can to get more confidence. I am not sure how Tim would feel about that right now! Maybe next year! I slept when I got home, best I could. Tim took Micah to soccer practice. After he picked him up I ran an errand. I rested until I took Emily to dinner before the YW Broadcast. We went to the Blue Lemon, Tim and I like going there. She has never been. She ordered the salmon BLT, I felt like having soup so I got the Butternut...mmmm. We had fun. She talked about the movie the Hunger Games, she liked it. Then we went to the broadcast. We looked for Maddie her cousin who was in the choir singing. I am sure we saw her but didn't realize it. It was a great broadcast, of course. Then the Stake YW leaders had ice cream with toppings for a treat after. It was really fun. We were home by 8 PM even after talking with other moms and girls. Timo was answered--the banana photo. The door knocked and he opened it. A big box was on our porch, out popped a Gorilla with a banana which he handed to Timo. Then he ran off--wild! Timo seemed unphased but it did startle me.
He found the paper in the banana after he peeled it. Pretty wild. He hung out with some friends in the kitchen for a little bit until bedtime. (I think they had been outside playing basketball). Emily had gone to a friend's for a little after we got back. Tim and I had a mini-date--returning the Redbox and stuff.

Today I wasn't sure I'd make it to church. I stayed in bed awhile. I did work on scouts with Zane and Micah. I got Izak going on Duty to God. Timo and Emily had choir. Zane and Micah had children's choir. Church was good so I am glad I went, it's always good. I am just very exhausted still. But I actually have only been taking antibiotics today so I am improving from Dayquil/Nyquil, Codeine cough, Aleve and such! Zane taught our lesson, they put together these eggs about Easter--scripture and symbol (we have some from Micah and my mom made them too). Even though he already had a turn we let him do this since he was so excited to do it!

Thanks to my mom and Tim for all their help! Hopefully I can get some things back on track this week. Slow and steady... Have a great week! We hope you are all healthy and happy!


Anna Harrison said...

hope you feel all the way better soon!

4boyzmdmom said...

I'm getting caught up on blogs finally and I'm going backwards. Sorry you got sick this week...that stinks! I did too but only for one day, thankfully. You are lucky to be on Utah time...I was up pretty late to see the YW broadcast. (And they cancelled our refreshments because the next day was fast Sunday.) I looked for Madalyn too but didn't see her; after talking to Amy about where she sat I watched again and saw part of her face when they focused in on the girl next to her!

I haven't read the Hunger Games either for the same reason...I don't like the idea of kids killing each other; I think it would be very upsetting! My boys have read the books, though. Scott hated the last book.

I hope you feel better this week! Wish I could be there to help!