Sunday, March 18, 2012

A broken foot and some other things...

Here we are another week into March and we woke up to snow! Crazy weather. I am pretty sure we've had more snow this month than February! Here is the picture of Izak with the men that helped ordain him--along with other random photos that may or may not be explained later.

We had a nice dinner after that Taran stayed to have. If we had realized that it was actually going to happen we might have made an event out of it. Monday I went to my parents' with Gwen. Their street is still all torn up but I think they may be done now. After our visit we went home and got Gwen ready for dance. We drove. Once I dropped her off at home I picked up Timo for his doctor's appointment, a check up on his ankle. He feels like it is healing right and if we don't see major improvement over the next few weeks we need to come back in. Right after Timo had his Physical Therapy (PT) appointment which was next door. I stay and read. I could do stuff but it's just extra gas if I ran home and back--it's just far enough away with plenty of construction in between to make me not want to repeat the drive. I took Timo to work right after that. When I dropped him off it looked like his boss had stayed late--he's usually gone by 2 PM. So that meant bad news, actually it meant they had a meeting. His boss is high strung and doesn't really do much but expects these guys to do everything else. He has bad health and I think that plays into his persona. He is making it miserable for Timo and his co-workers. He likes his supervisor and that's who he usually deals with and he is great to work with. It's too bad some people really are BAD BOSSES! During dinner Izak stubbed his toe when he was running around the table after taking a ball from Zane who was chasing him. He stubbed his toe on Timo's foot in it's shoe. He was in a lot of pain and some of the kids chided him for being a wimp. For FHE we visited some new neighbors that moved in and visited some other neighbors with other needs. Izak limped around with us.

Tuesday Timo was sick so he didn't go to the temple but Tim took Izak anyway. He was so excited. Some of Timo's friends came with them. He managed with his toe. They were back by 6 AM. Izak's toe was more swollen. I called to try and get him into to the orthopedic surgeon but he was booked 'til Monday so I decided to go to the Urgent Care. I made it to the temple and then to my YW Presidency Meeting. Then I went and did my weekly shopping. I didn't have time to hit Costco for those items. So I went Wednesday. I picked up Gwen then we picked up Izak so he didn't have to walk home. The kids had piano and Emily had a drama competition at the Jr High. She did really well and got a Superior rating on her monologue. It was a northern district competition. Her school came in 2nd. Not too bad. After dinner I took Izak to the Urgent Care. I had a few hundred other things like Zane had scouts and soccer practice right after that, Micah had soccer practice as well. I got Micah a ride to practice but I had to pick up. Tim got home in time to get Zane. I dropped Micah off at Zane's practice and then picked up Emily. We picked up pizza at Little Cesar's for dinner then went to the Urgent Care. They were pretty sure his pinky toe was broken but x-rayed it anyway. He had also broken the bone below on his foot. They showed me the x-ray. His bone had a diagonal break through it. So they put a splint on his foot and said that we could come back after the swelling was down and they would cast it if we wanted them to. We like that he can shower so we are going to stick with the splint! The kids felt bad that they didn't believe Izak when he said that he thought he broke his toe! They have been super helpful and compassionate. It has touched my heart so much to see them help him. There really is an up side to every downer--he's going to miss the first half of soccer season. Hopefully that is all he misses. As inconvenient as this was and is I feel like I can not complain as I have a friend whose daughter was in a car accident and it's been 2 weeks now and she is making some progress but it is very slow. We pray for miracles for her. It is a very tender thing, she is Timo's age. We've known them since they were 3 years old. A broken foot is nothing. We got home during the BYU vs. IONA basketball game. It was so pathetic we turned it off. Timo was at a friend's watching and came home after to our surprise they had won!

Wednesday I had visiting teaching in the morning, Anna brought June just before. We had nice visits and they loved June! I went and got Gwen when she got home from preschool. We had fun with June and then she slept. She is taking longer naps which hopefully she will continue to do for Anna as well. Gwen and I did a quick Walmart run for a few things before the kids got home and I had to take Timo to PT. Then onto work. The upside to this is that I have read a bunch! I am on the last book in The Hourglass Door series. I have enjoyed it. It's a time travel story with romance. My neighbor dropped them off for me last week and Emily already finished them. It was Pi Day (3.14) so we had chicken pot pie for dinner and yogurt pie for dessert--sorry forgot photos! Emily had a concert that night at the Jr high. She is in a ladies only chorus SSA. They performed but other members of the choir exhibited their talents: violin, opera, other vocals. Emily and her friend sang a song by Adele. Emily played the piano while they both sung. It was good only I couldn't hear her very well because of where they had placed the mic. She wasn't thrilled with her performance but she is a perfectionist at that. We learned that night from my mom that Taran and his latest band got on to the finals of BYU's got talent. Check out their 'talent' here . I am so happy for Taran since he wrote the music and the judges loved it! The finals are April 4th!

Thursday I had Emily's appointment with the counselor to decide on next year's classes. She is going to have to do early morning seminary and if she makes Student Council she will have to take 2 classes online this summer. I am a little concerned but she feels like she can do it all. The summer online thing will be fine it's all the extra whatever going on during the year! After that I had to get Gwen and Luke from preschool. They were great and I got some of my lesson for YW planned for Easter when I teach. BYU was still playing when the little boys got home so they watched BYU lose. Zane was heart broken. Izak had a keyboarding test at the Jr high to see if he could test out--no but it was worth trying. Emily passed it so I thought it was worth a try. Later I went back to the Jr high to get her from Musical Theater tryouts. Normally she wouldn't have had to try out but she was sick the days they gave out AND turned in the forms in class that they were staying in it! Owell. Her friend Tanner (no he likes her friend) came over afterward and they hung out. Tim's worried this is starting so early, she is comfortable around guys since she has 2 older brothers. It's our life. That night was the local Caucus Meetings. Tim and I went. It was a much larger crowd than last time I went. BUT it was still long and quite boring. I read my book while Tim chatted with the men at our table and the votes were being counted. I like the system but I think we could maybe streamline it a bit.

Friday Tim had taken off work since it was donuts for dad (photo in collage of him and Zane) in the 2nd grade. Since I had broke off the handle of the faucet the night before he went in search of one. Meanwhile Gwen and I rested at home. Her swimming lessons got postponed (they were postponed Thursday for Zane and Izak as well) Her teacher was doing a state swim meet. Tim didn't have time to put it in before he went to lunch with Zane so he started after the program at about 2 PM! It took him until later that night to finish. I felt bad because I am sure he would have enjoyed watching March Madness instead on his day off! Owell. I took Timo to his PT appointment. They want him to do 4 more visits and then they think his ankle will be ready for normal life. After I dropped him off I went to Costco. Emily had some friends over so they ate with us then I rented them Little Red Riding Hood (the somewhat scary one that came out a year ago)and they watched it on ClearPlay. I don't know if they liked it but they had fun. Tim and I watched it after. I was exercising on the elliptical and got sucked in to the question who is the werewolf? I am not telling. So it was super late when we went to bed and I had CERT training the next day at 8 AM.

Saturday was St Patrick's Day and the leprechaun left candy in our shoes. That's it nothing else! I had CERT training until 9 PM. It was good but long. My bum would fall asleep after awhile. I was able to come home for lunch and dinner since we live behind the church where they were holding the class. Next week we practice our skills and finish at noon. Meanwhile Tim had to do chores with the kids and then he took them to my mom's where my family celebrated Tim's and Izak's birthday. I am sure it was a good diversion for everyone since I was gone and my mom did cool stuff for them. Katie and my mom sent me these cute photos.

After I got home I exercised and then showered. I went to bed shortly after that since I was beat!

Today Tim had early morning meetings and then I had BYC. The guys had manly choir just before church since they sang. Izak decided not to pass the sacrament until he can walk without crutches. so in 2 more Sundays. It's a bummer but I understand! The men sang amazing today! It was awesome. The talks were also good and lessons. So grateful! Timo is now the first Assistant to the Bishop. He will do well. We had Tim do the interviews with the kids tonight. Tomorrow we are doing FHE at the Alzheimer's Assisted Living place and Zane is going to teach a little lesson so it's worked out perfect for having interviews today! Have a great week! Hope spring really is coming and we aren't in for snow until June again!


Julia said...

Oh my, we could be twins. Life with a bunch of kids is bound to be busy, I guess : ) Try to stay sane!!

4boyzmdmom said...

Sorry about Izak's broken foot! Scott just got released as 1st assistant to the bishop a month or so ago. It was a great experience for him...I think he learned a lot!