Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taran's Mission Call...do you hear maracas?

Tonight Taran opened his mission call. Our neighbor works in the Missionary Department so he was able to get it to us TODAY! So...he opened it at his apartment since he has made a lot of friends there and thought it would be easier for them to be there. So we drove down. Some family were able to come besides US, my parents, my sister Teresa and our niece Erin. We know more family would have come if they could but we understand and appreciate the support of everyone! He will be serving in the Mexico Guadalajara Mission. He goes into the MTC June 13th! He is super excited! See him with his Martinellis after we opened it? We are so excited for him! Funny thing is only one friend guessed he was going to Mexico! He is the 5th of his roommates to go Spanish speaking! The last one has a few more weeks before he can turn in his papers. Good times!


Anna Harrison said...

so exciting! he will be great!

Steph said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Love these darling boys and their examples. We were coming home from a basketball game Tuesday night around 7 and I said, "Hey, I bet Taran's opening his mission call!" Bryson wanted to stop, but then we saw you guys weren't home. B sure looks up to these "big" boys so I'm so glad they are setting a awesome example!!! Thanks for being such great parents!