Sunday, February 5, 2012

February has begun...

So here we are in February! Crazy year is FLYING by! I was a bit under the weather this week because of a cold but I think I have turned the corner. That is why there aren't a whole lot of photos!

Monday I was still hung over from the Nyquil so I didn't dare drive out to my mom's. I slept until 10 AM. Thanks to PBS Kids Gwen mostly was self sufficient. I got my friend Stephanie to take Gwen to dance because I was still a little off. Gwen ended up playing over at her house after so that was good! I was able to help the kids with their stuff. That night for FHE Tim took the boys to Timo's Jr Jazz game that he didn't play in but since Tim is the coach he still needed to go. Timo wanted to go anyway. By that night I was feeling better enough to drive to the play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the other Jr high in the area. Emily's friend, a girl from our neighborhood was in it. She did a great job and it was a really fun play. We are glad we went! It was a little late for Gwen but she handled it well.

Tuesday Timo woke up sick, a cold with a fever. Luckily I was going to be home that day because he needed medicine and help. I had Gwen and Luke--Tricia was driving for the field trip Thursday so I had them Tuesday. They didn't bother Timo much. I went grocery shopping and got back before I had to pick them up from preschool. I pumped Timo full of Vitamin C (Emergen C) and water. He slept a lot and his foot was better than it had been. He did some homework but had some to catch up on later. The kids had piano. Emily had found out that a lady at the Alzheimer's place she volunteers at died so she was upset--she really liked her. She stayed home from piano and basketball practice. Zane had a Jr Jazz that night. That night Taran came home to go to the mission call opening of his friend Chad. He got his call to Richmond, Virginia. He came home after and spent the night so he could go to the temple with Emily in the early morning.

Wednesday they got back in time for family scriptures. I went to the temple with my friend Julie as soon as the kids left the house. It wasn't busy so I was back before 9:15 AM before Gwen got home! Timo was well enough to go to school. June came over just after we had lunch. We had fun. Gwen wanted me to take their picture unfortunately I am still learning my camera so I didn't as many good ones as I had hoped but they are still cute! Micah and Zane had a birthday party and I had forgotten to get a present so I ran to Walmart after Anna left. Timo's foot is still bothering him so he is having a hard time going to work. He had to take his friend's brother with him Thursday to help out. He has been really miserable after school--he really needs to have it up all the time when he is sitting but I understand that it's hard to do at school. I offered to wheelchair him around but he declined the offer! Emily had Musical Theater Call Backs and she got the reporter part in the musical Willy Wonka. She is excited! She went from that to basketball practice. Timo was able to go to Young Mens and they went to the temple that's why he didn't go with Taran and Emily. He didn't take the names we found on Family Search last week--hopefully this week. I went to Hot Soup Hot Topics and we had 2 guys from our ward come (one full-time Seminary guy and a guy who used to be a seminary guy) and answer questions the Laurel's had written down a few weeks before. It was fun and a great evening. Emily's group played Capture the Flag. It was snowing/raining so she was very cold when it was over.

Thursday I couldn't talk. My cold felt like it had moved down to my chest. By ten I was feeling a bit better after showering. I was able to go to Timo's planning with his counselor at the high school. He is doing well and I am excited about some opportunities that he may have. I have research to do! I ran to Ross and Costco afterward. I got Gwen from Luke's and we came home and read books. She had fun at the Bean Museum and she got to go to J Dawg's and the Creamery while she was there! She told them how Taran lived by the Creamery and is waiting to hear about his mission call. Cute! Thursday afternoon was a nice one no running around. Micah had basketball practice but that was it. I was still feeling not 100 percent but was busy working on this dang craft room organizing etc! Owell, slow but sure right? I did find the rest of my Valentines Day decor so I put them out.

Friday I went to my mom's to watch my dad while she went to Salt Lake City for a funeral. Her good friend Connie from Chico, her mother passed away. My dad and I snoozed some and then I also read. I actually finished Crossed (#2 in the Matched series, 4 stars) and had started on the Help. I am loving it! I am so amazed at the prejudice, it's just crazy! But I love the characters, they are so endearing. I think I am about half way! I got home just as the kids did from school. I made some spice sugar cookies for them--heart shaped of course. I have been trying not to buy store bought stuff as much. I know cookies aren't healthy but if I make them they are healthier! That night Emily went to her friend Ashley's to watch a movie. I rented Zookeeper for the littler kids and Tim to watch. I worked on my craft room some more. They liked the movie--we watched it on Clearplay so I am not sure how clean it is but the parts I saw were funny. After the kids got to bed I started Jane Eyre the new one that just came out last year. Mom had lent it to me. It was better than I thought it would be. I had tried to read the book and never got into it. I also tried watching an older version of it and it was too depressing. If you like that time period then you would probably like it.

Saturday was the day to get my eyebrows waxed. So my mom came and got me. We were 2nd and 3rd so we got in and out fast enough I hadn't missed Micah playing in his Jr Jazz game at 10 AM. He played well and scored a couple of times.Tim left at half-time and went to Izak's indoor soccer game. I went shopping after Micah's game. I got Tate's birthday present and some stuff for Valentine's Day. Then when I got home Tim was on the roof trying to hook up the antennae we got for Christmas so we can go off cable. I helped kids with chores and watched Emily in her game they did well. That evening we went to Charl and Katie's to celebrate Tate's (nephew) 2nd birthday. We had some delicious pizza Katie made chicken BBQ and Canadian Bacon with pineapple and BBQ sauce too. The kids had Little Caesars. Katie had made a cute Pirate cake for him. It was yummy. We had fun and he seemed to enjoy the presents. My dad even made it! We got home in time for Tim to iron. We were happy to hear that Jazz beat the Lakers (we listened on the way home) and then BYU beat Portland a good night at our house. Timo and Emily did not come they were busy with friends. Timo actually watched the Jazz game at his friend's.

Today was Fast Sunday. We were fasting for some family members in our own house this week. It was one of the easiest fasts I've had. I just want my family members to feel supported and feel the spirit strengthen them in their challenges. Hopefully it helped our family feel more united. Some kids had a harder time than others. Today we had a special RS for all the women they had us in the chapel. It was 2 parts about Pornography. One was about how we as moms need to be approachable so our kids can talk to us when they encounter it and we can be a source of help and support. The other was the growing trend in women and pornography. A guy in our ward is a Marriage and Family Therapist and he is seeing more and more for that reason. Not visual but chattroom stuff, texts and other media it's the emotional/relationship fantasy they are getting drawn into. So we had a little lesson on what I learned today for our devotional. He talked about how children are being exposed at younger ages and you want them to talk to you about it if they see it so you need to talk openly about it. So we did. We have some new rules that he uses in his family: collect all media (phones, Ipod etc) at 10 PM. No internet use when parents are gone--he disables it. We will do the same. He also warned against computers and TV in bedrooms and sleepovers. Sorry this is not a fun post but a necessary thing that needs to be shared. Pornography is destroying families and our society. People are so addicted they are losing their jobs etc because of it. Please safeguard your children and family.

On that happy note! Have a fabulous week!


Anna Harrison said...

good rules! great ideas to keep safe. also, loving the june photos :)

4boyzmdmom said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling great! Those are good rules to protect your family; we do those things although we should probably do the internet disable thing. They aren't allowed on computers when we are gone but disabling the internet is an even better safeguard. The boys aren't allowed to take electronics (phones, Ipods) to their rooms at all. They are good boys and I trust them but pornography is everywhere and Satan is persistent!