Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom Friday

Happy 4th of July, early! I have always been very patriotic. I remember as a child getting a lump in my throat when I would say the pledge or sing the National Anthem. I am not sure if it's because I had a parent from another country who helped me see the wonder of this country, the amazingness of it's freedom. Then I lived in Argentina almost a year and a half. Lovely country, beautiful country but bogged down in ideals that can not create prosperity, freedom breeds prosperity because it allows every person to create, out of necessity and curiosity. When we expect to be taken care of we lack motivation and ingenuity and our pursuit of happiness becomes a pursuit of mediocrity. Why does it matter we aren't going to get out of where we are? That was the mentality my dad grew up on, you are stuck where you are. Only the rich can get rich etc. But not here, my dad said that it was kind of scary because he began to believe he could do anything. Scary, not exciting? But when you have grown up believing you are mediocre and that wall is torn down there is responsibility. We all have potential and only real freedom can inspire us to do and become our very best. God knows this and that is why he helped our founders establish this country--there is no other way they could have pulled off the revolution but they did with His help. So today I get choked up thinking about how grateful I am, even with all our troubles, to live in this land...home of the free because of the brave. And so we must all be equally brave in fighting for our rights and doing hard things like giving up some of the things we have grown accustomed over time. We can do it. God Bless America!

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