Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catching Up...June

Starting with random photos...

So the computer is back after replacing a couple of things and so now I can do this without it randomly turning off on me. I will spare you too many details of the month--at least I will try! I will probably have a lot of photos. The first week school was out Taran and Timo were able to get jobs--Taran a full-time job at BYU doing grounds crew and he really is enjoying it despite his allergies! That meant that Timo was able to take over Taran's part-time job as a custodian at an elementary school. He is liking it as well. That first week out they had Trek and they had a good experience, esp. Taran who did not last time. We started cousin camp that week for the cousins jr. and younger on the Pew side. The three aunts take turns having all the kids for a four hours once a week. It has been great fun. It's so great for my kids to grow up near family, something I did not have but longed for.

My sister's pool has free visitor swim days and we've enjoyed them. We also have the pass of all passes which includes 7 Peaks Waterslide Park, 2 Trafalgas (Orem and Lehi) which have mini-golf and such and sporting events for Utah Flash (basketball) and Orem Owlz (baseball).

We've gone to Seven Peaks almost every week--Emily has gone with friends also. We had the Crane boy cousins over while their parents and sisters did Trek and that was a lot of fun. The kids have spent the night at Auntie Teresa's--they had planned to go to the Strawberry Days Rodeo but the weather did not cooperate! They still had a lot of fun.

I celebrated my 44th birthday with some of my friends for lunch and then my family had a BBQ for me on my actual birthday. Tim took me to see Thor a couple of days before then we went with kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2. I found both to be very enjoyable! Father's Day I visited my dad alone, he can't handle a ton of noise and activity and since we'd been there the day before I figured that worked.
I had a nice visit with him. He has actually been very ill with shingles and complications from them. We visited Tim's dad after we had a yummy salmon dinner and Costco chocolate cake after. It was nice to visit them--he got a cool Nook it's like a Kindle book reader. That next week we spent with my dad while my mom went to Idaho to visit family and be involved in her high school reunion. She had made the commitment a year before so she was worried about us and him but he was fine with the medication he was on and so it worked out fine. He actually slept really late and went to bed when we did. He did get up once and fell in the night so Tim had to help me help him to his bed. He was quite out of it and had slurred speech. The painkillers for the shingles I think were the main issue. We started to back off a little and he seemed to be comfortable but not as drowsy.

He even joined us for s'mores on the deck our last night there.

Tim's work had a BBQ for their employees and family so we went to that one day. The food was yummy and the kids had fun karoake, bouncy slides and houses and sports.

Our good friends in our neighborhood were there too so the kids played together.
We also started lacrosse (Micah and Izak) and coach pitch baseball (Zane). Those have kept us busy in June but will die down in July. Timo stayed home since his work is out here and was alone that week but we would stop in for periodic things--sports practices and such. He started an online class and is almost done with the first term! He and his friends are trying to play all of his friend's Monopolys they have 20 plus versions! Other than terrible allergies we have been healthy. The weather was pretty chilly the beginning of June and has now warmed up but alas today we had wind and rain! But it wasn't a cold rain. We had our city festival the week we were at my parents' with my dad so we just made home for the fireworks and ice cream.

I just love fireworks!

Our strawberries have done really well, we've eaten tons and Tim even made 2 large syrups out of them! We also have lots of pea pods. There were also birthday parties for friends for just about every kid--when you have 7 one is going to have a friend with a birthday! I did scouts this month too, we did a compass course one time (Tim helped with that) and we did a hike up AF Canyon. We missed a Court of Honor because of lacrosse. Emily just got back from girls camp Friday and she had a great experience. Hope your summer has been great! Have a great 4th of July (I wrote about it on an earlier post)and first full week of July!

Sorry, I don't know how to change where the photos are and the type! You get what you get...:)

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