Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Monday was the first day of Spring Break...Tim couldn't take off until the end of the week because of some work things going on. We made Taran's birthday breakfast that day since he didn't feel up to it Sunday. I had scheduled Taran to have his senior pictures taken that morning with my niece Anna. We were grateful for no rain but it was so bright that she had to be tricky with her photography. She took a lot of time with him so I am sure she got plenty of good photos. I'll post them once she gives me them! Liz, her mother, was down visiting and she joined in the photo shoot so we got to visit as well. Later I took the younger four kids to the duck pond for a picnic. We met our friends there who have kids the same ages. We had a lot of fun, the weather was perfect—we even got sunburned! Micah actually had soccer practice that afternoon so he went to that while everyone else played outside! Taran even went to a park with friends and played tag on the playground. He also had 2 friends get their wisdom teeth pulled so he and another friend made them pudding and took it to them. I pruned all the bushes in my yard and I am pretty sure my one tree died over winter. Gwen was in charge of Family Night so we played Hot Potato. That was fun until people got too competitive.

Tuesday Izak went early to do service at the Humanitarian Projects Area in AF with his friend and his mom and another scout. My mom took Taran to lunch in honor of his birthday, they went to Red Lobster. He loved his meal. She dropped off Taran and took Timo to the BYU library to do some research. Emily was gone Monday and Tuesday with one of her friends all day. I was able to squeeze in some shopping before the cousins came over to spend the night. The kids played outside until dark then came in and watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Wednesday we had donuts for breakfast to make it easy. Maddie had to babysit that morning for someone so Amy picked her kids up early. Izak went to DI with his friend and his older brother who is waiting to go on his mission so he has been doing service all over in between working—great kid. So the kids played then I left Taran, Timo and Emily in charge while I went to lunch with all my sister-in-laws who live here, my mother-in-law and nieces. Since Liz was down we thought it would be fun! And it was! We ate at Zupas, I had a large Yucahtan salad and since I had a donut for breakfast I was starving! When I got home I packed up the Espinoza cousins and all my kids (minus Taran and Timo who had plans with friends) and took them to Amy's to play for awhile. I ran to Kohls and Costco then picked up my kids on the way back. I was meeting my mom and dad for a movie later so I needed to have them done eating before I left. Tim ended up taking Izak, Micah and Zane swimming at the Lehi Pool—indoors. They had a blast and got back just before me. So Emily stayed home with Gwen and got her to bed early. My mom ended up inviting my sister-in-law Amber and her parents to see The King's Speech with her. I was really tired and worried I would fall asleep but it was fantastic. We saw the PG -13 version but it still had plenty of swearing. I really enjoyed learning the history and the actors were fabulous. I can see why it won best picture—usually I don't even want to see the movie that gets best picture. And Colin Firth, I am a big fan already but even more now!

Tim was able to take Thursday off so he took Izak and his friend to finish up their service hours for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge in the morning. They worked at DI (like Goodwill). Taran and Timo had Spanish club practice for the Foreign Language Fair at BYU on Friday so we planned to do something as a family after they got home. We went to Trafalga, Taran brought his friend Stephanie. We did the indoor mini-golf and then everyone but Gwen and I did lazertag. Gwen went on dome kiddie rides outside until she was too cold—it was sunny but the wind was cold. She played in an indoor playground until the others were done. We splurged and went out for dinner. Trafalga was 'free' since we bought passes last summer for a year pass which includes Seven Peaks and many other venues!

Friday Taran and Timo were gone before light to catch the bus at the High School for the Foreign Language Fair at BYU. Tim and I ran to the temple in the morning and were able to do sealings. We went to BYU to the Hall of Legends or whatever they call it where they have the different awards that student teams and athletes have won are on display. It's pretty interesting. The kids loved it--notice how Gwen isn't so sure about the cougar! We had brought 2 neighbor boys with us who are big BYU fans. The kids wanted to go to the Bookstore but there wasn't anywhere to park close enough and we had quite the group. We found parking near the Creamery and so we went there for some ice cream and then came home. When we got home Taran's friend Stephanie had covered everywhere with yes—to the Prom. Taran has been asking her over and over so she got him back pretty good. That night Tim and I went to a wedding reception for the son of his cousin. His aunt and uncle and cousin had come up from Arizona so we got to visit with them there too. The kids watched HP6 part 1 which we had bought earlier in the day. Emily, who had seen it, fast forwarded the scenes that were weird or freaky since Clearplay would not have an editing available to download until next week. (It takes them about 3 days).

Saturday I went with my mom to get my eyebrows waxed. We go to a girl in my sister's neighborhood who is helping her husband through school. Then it was back to the chores. Tim took Taran to get his tux for the prom and I ordered the corsage since I was actually thinking of it! Then Tim and I went to the nursery and bought plants with a gift card he gave me last summer for my birthday! I still have some money left. I mostly bought more strawberry plants to fill in the retaining wall behind the house—we did the other side last year. It's filled in quite nicely. While I planted the strawberries, peas, ground cover and black eyed susans Tim mowed and aerated. He and Timo aerated the neighbors—it's the scout fund raiser for camp. We got 4 houses because they thought Taran was going. I ran to the mall because I had a $20 off coupon to a store. What I didn't realize is that you have to spend $40! I am used to Kohl's cash you have to spend the amount but you don't have to spend more than that. So I almost left but then I found some cute things for my niece who is having a baby girl in August. So I got Gwen some stuff and her! Then I ran to Target to get some Easter sale stuff. When I got home I finished putting laundry—towels and the like, the kitchen was a mess from dinner and such before I could go to bed...I was exhausted.

I didn't sleep well since my leg kept waking me up. I am just grateful I don't have some worse ailment. Today was ward conference and it was really good preparation for Easter as they spoke about using the atonement in our lives. I taught Izak's class, cute kids! Zane played the postlude music in Jr Primary—he did pretty good considering we forgot the music! I felt so bad since he had practiced all week Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam. We started a last week of Jesus life yesterday, it always helps us prepare for Easter as we ponder on the last days of his life. I am so grateful to know about him and the meaning his life gives mine.

Have a great week and may the spirit of Easter heal your heart and lift your soul!

PS Taran finished his 2 online classes so now he can graduate for sure! BTW The kids all did fantastic on their grades last more to go!


Paul said...

Just read your post from last Sunday. It will probably be the highlight of my day. Joanie is in the Redwoods. Her one week a month. Tonight is mutual. Not much for the bishop to do. Just be there. Sad about Dennis Allen. I have talked with Randy and am trying to get in touch with Sherisse. The past is a treasure to be cherished. Say hello to your mom and dad for us. Tell them we love them. They are such special people.

RAQ said...

Thanks Paul! We love you and Joanie too! Thanks for looking after Sherisse.