Monday, April 25, 2011

Prom, Easter and stuff...

We went to my mom's to celebrate my brother's birthday and Easter. We got home rather later so I saved my blog post for today.

This past week has been tiring, mostly because we have needed to help some children with school work. It's good stuff, just tiring. So getting to bed after 3 AM for the Prom Saturday night has set me back a bit as well. I did manage to finally get my Easter decorations up! Funny how that isn't a priority when other things are in need! I don't have that much to put out but because it is such an important holiday I wanted to acknowledge it. I bought stuff to make too but that never panned out. Muddlers...maybe next year!

Tim has also been busy with work and has worked late most nights. He even worked Saturday between things and then went in to work Sunday to get something that needed to be taken to Salt Lake and took it to a guy last night who would take it up today. He will be glad when this is over! Me too!

Micah's team tied and won their two games this week. Izak's team played in the pouring rain Wednesday night and won 15 to 2. I got out to watch and got soaked just getting my chair out and decided to park closer and watch from inside the car instead. Tim had a regional mens basketball game which they lost. It was a bummer game so not fun to end the fun season that way.

Micah and Izak had scouts. Micah is making me something for Mother's Day. I took my scouts (which Izak is a part of) up the canyon, it was sprinkling we talked about native poisonous plants and how to treat for their exposure in first aid and native plants--which was a bust but I won't go into it here. Saturday Izak had his Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge class so it is DONE! HALLELUJAH! He still needs to finish the Reading MB.

We had a family gathering for April and May birthdays and the annual Easter Egg hunt at Tim's sister Amy's. It was a lot of fun and Taran even had time to make in between prom activities--notice the very green outfit. One of his friend's brothers organized the Amazing Date for their group. Each couple was a team and they were the green team. They came in 2nd out of 6 teams! He said it was a lot of fun! They took the girls to Log Haven an expensive restaurant up Little Cottonwood Canyon. They enjoyed it for the most part. But after they watched Tangled at one kid's house. Hence the late night once returning from the State Capitol in Salt Lake City and doing that. He made it to church and sang in the choir after the late night!

Zane had a birthday party this week and got to go lazertagging and bowling at it. He enjoyed it for sure! Timo spends most of his time studying or playing basketball.

Saturday night Timo, Tim and I watched HP 6 part 1 finally. We were waiting for Taran to get home from prom but we finished WAY before!

Sunday was a very nice Easter. The music at church was great and the talks as well. In Primary the lady in charge of sharing time asked me to portray a Nephite Woman who knew the Savior. It was hard for me to do my part since I felt it very strongly hence tears. I am grateful for my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for his love and tender mercies on my behalf.

Hope your Easter was meaningful as well! I think I will take a quick nap now...


Shellie said...

Busy busy

4boyzmdmom said...

I'm finally getting caught up on blogs--sorry no comments until now! Jared also had a Citizenship Merit Badge Day recently, but we weren't able to get all the prerequisites for Community done ahead of time, so he still has to finish those up. He finished everything for the Nation one, though!

You guys are amazing, how much you get done!