Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Dance and stuff...

Less than 2 weeks until week of school left for the year 2010! It really is amazing how fast this year has gone! This week was mostly about the Christmas dance Friday. Although it was a casual dance, Taran had put together the group that went together so he was sort of planning it with my help. Being the over responsible person I am and knowing this was Timo and his date's first date I wanted it to be a fun experience I stepped in did more than maybe I should have. So between doing some Christmas present things I was doing stuff for that. They had to have an ugly sweater to wear—the winners won free prom and preference tickets.

So Monday I did my usual helping in Zane and Micah's classes. Tim had stayed home because he wasn't feeling totally regular, if you get my inference there! I ran to the store and got some liquids for him after helping at the school. I had scouts in the afternoon. For family night we drove around and looked at the Christmas lights on the homes in nearby neighborhoods. We found one that rivals the Griswalds in Christmas Vacation—they have Santa on the roof AND a neon Elf or Santa (I couldn't tell) dropping presents from a rocket ship hanging from a wire strung from the lamppost to the house besides a gazillion neon holiday things in the yard and Christmas lights on the house. This was a large, new, fancy house which proves tackiness is prevalent in all social classes. Taran had Madrigal again that night and my parents attended and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tuesday I went to the temple. That was a really nice experience. I love going during Christmas, it helps me have the true feeling of closeness to our Savior. My friend Stephanie, who had Gwen, took her to a park and stuff so I had some extra time. I was going to go shopping but then thought I can take Gwen shopping but I hate ignoring her when I am on a project. So I finished up a Christmas project I was working on, that was a RELIEF! I felt light and so happy! That night Timo had basketball practice and Emily and Tim went to the last night of Madrigals. They enjoyed it. I had to take Timo with all the kids and then he got a ride home. Tim played basketball with the men that night.

Wednesday I drove the little girls to preschool and then helped my friend Linda who is getting ready to pick up her daughter on her mission in England. She has been battling breast cancer the last four months and now she's battling getting her body back to normal. To top it off she has diabetes and epilepsy! Because of the chemo she has become dehydrated and triggered her body to seize! Anyway, we are all praying she has the health to travel this coming week. I finished helping her in time to get Gwen and Zoe. Usually we have playgroup but I had 2 conflicts so I am doing it next week. Taran watched Gwen while I went to Micah's class to read 3 short Christmas books. I was the mystery reader, it was fun! Then Emily's CTE class invited preschoolers to class that day so they could play games with them etc. Gwen had a lot of fun. I was late picking her up so she road the bus with Emily—I am just lucky the bus driver loves in our neighborhood because I don't think they normally let them. That evening I had 2 meetings, Emily and Timo had a concert at the junior to go to. So I took them and their friends and picked them up and missed one meeting. After my other meeting I went to the store since I hadn't been able to go Tuesday! Timo had his second basketball game at 9 PM.

Thursday I spent time on the phone getting Gwen's preschool for next year figured out. I am relieved I did and I am really excited about it too. My visiting teachers came over and we had a nice visit. After lunch Gwen and I went on the quest for some ugly sweaters! We finally found some at Savers. Then we bought some things for the dance, royal icing mix, paper plates, candy and soda. The boys and their dates were making graham cracker houses. I got home in time to make soup. One of my visiting teachers gave us a French bread shaped like a candy cane and it was red and green and it was yummy and went well with soup. I also had to make no bake cookies for pack meeting that night as well. Micah got his Wolf rank, or I may have bailed on it! He was so excited that I couldn't change it! After that I got the kids in bed, Tim had EQ meeting. I helped Izak get a white elephant gift ready for school and then I went to some stores partly for Christmas and partly for the dance. I was tired that night and got into bed a little early. Then Taran came in and wanted to talk. He has some girl issues. Too many like him and he wants to be good friends with everyone but he kind of likes one of the girls but he doesn't want to ruin everything...anyway, Tim joined in later and we ended up talking until almost one AM! But hey don't you want your kids to feel like they can talk to you, ANYTIME? I am glad they do even if it means sleep deprivation. Then Gwen comes in at 4:30 AM with a bad dream and her foot hurting. So after I get her to bed I just stay up because I had to make a breakfast casserole for a special brunch the PTA made for the teachers at the school. I noticed when I got up that I had a burning when I went to the bathroom. Yes, I had a bladder/kidney infection. Luckily my doctor was willing to call in a prescription so I didn't need to go in. I had had a small UTI earlier in the week and had it going away but I guess no sleep pushed me over the edge! I didn't feel too bad, thankfully and I was able to get the stuff ready for the dance stuff going on at our house that evening. I spent a bit of the afternoon helping Taran's friends (girls and boys) get their sweaters embellished tackily for the dance! It was fun but pushed the preparations back so when couples started showing up it wasn't ready and Taran had forgotten to tell the kids when to bring—a glue gun and candy. Luckily between all the moms of the boys attending, my mom and neighbors we got it covered. My mom picked up the little kids and Emily (who she picked up earlier in the day from school because she wasn't feeling well and I didn't have time to go get her) and fed them at her house. Most of the moms of the boys from our neighborhood doing the date helped with cooking Papa Murphy's gourmet and regular pizzas, grapes and dessert. My visiting teacher whose daughter was going with Timo actually got the pizza's for me because I was doing these sweaters instead. Tim had gone to Salt Lake City for work was battling traffic to get home and was a great help once he got here. They made graham cracker houses first, we had 2 long tables set up downstairs and chairs around them. We had the pizza upstairs with snacks and grapes and soda. My friend Alison took pictures of all the couples and their creations in front of the Christmas tree in our living room—I hope to get those soon and post them! Taran and some of guys had to sing at a ward party from their Chamber Choir. The teacher forgot to tell the person wanting the kids they wouldn't be able to do it because of the dance and a few other things going on at the high school that night so she begged them to go and 8 of them showed up—no sopranos so one alto switched. Taran said that it was not very good at all,and he was embarrassed because it was McKay and Sue Anne's (Tim's cousin and his wife) ward and he knows he'll see them again! The rest of them went to the first home basketball game after dinner. Then the dance was right after that. Instead of formal pictures it was a photo booth, so that was fun. While they were gone we cleaned up the graham cracker mess and got ready for them to return after the dance. Then we ran out to my mom's with pjs for the kids. She had offered to let them spend the night but I didn't know the kids were coming back to my house or I would have got their pjs ready. Emily ended up coming home with us since she felt like she was getting a UTI—weird huh? She drank tons and had cranberry juice and was fine in the morning. The kids are a lively bunch so I was glad the little kids were at my mom's. Alison had fixed Christmas cookies and ginger snaps and hot cider. We also put out the leftover pizza we had reheated and grapes for them to snack on. Overall I think it was a hit. Once all the girls were taken home we cleaned up, some of Taran's friends came back and helped out a little as well. I was mostly worried about Timo and his date since it was their first date but they were fine and Taran's friends are funny kids so they were entertained as well.

Saturday Taran had a singing gig that morning at 9 AM. He had Tim drive him since he was so tired. He got a ride back. Tim, Emily and I went to my mom's and helped her out. Emily helped with Christmas stuff inside and Tim and I raked leaves and bagged them with Izak's help and then we helped with lights in her yard. Then we came home and I put lights on my bushes and one tree—I am ready for snow because it helps it look so Christmasy! We have had lots of rain instead. I feel like we are having a northern California winter! Taran and his friend made t-shirts for their Dodgeball team. They did pretty good but missed the ward Christmas party. Our ward Christmas party was after lunch, it was service activity. We made blocks (over 500), put together, hygiene kits, newborn kits, school kits, and about 6 other different stations that I didn't get to helping. I was over the newborn kits, then I went and helped with the blocks after that. They had yummy sugar cookies and gingerbread men & women cookies, and Clementines for refreshments. It was fun and organized and a great experience! I know they spent A LOT of time on preparing for it and you could tell but it was the best activity in my experience! Taran had work and then 2 singing gigs. Timo had another friend's 16th birthday party, this was for a girl and it was a surprise. He had a blast.

Today was church and I didn't sub or teach my class but got to sit with Tim in Sunday School. Sacrament Meeting was so great, the speakers were terrific. The lessons were equally as good. Tonight is our stake Choirside,which we are excited to go to. Tim calls it battle of the ward choirs! I love Christmas music and this will be a great event to attend.

We have Taran and Timo's choir concert this week, it should be excellent. Friday is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with David Archuleta, we are very excited about that! Fun times still to come and a great Christmas season to be had! Hopefully you are feeling the love! If not read last week's post at the end. It may help you as it has so many of us, including me!


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Rachelle, you are amazing! I am tired just reading all of that.

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