Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deck the Halls and all that ...

Wow! Where did this year go? Is it because I have a child graduating from high school life is speeding up?

Monday Tim and Timo stayed home. Tim actually went to the doctor and found out he had a sinus infection. Taran got all his BYU application stuff done--that he could do. I had scouts that afternoon. We finished decorating our tree downstairs for Family Night. Taran also read us the book I Believe in Santa Claus which shows the religious correlation between our Christmas traditions and Christ.

Tuesday I watched my friend Stephanie's daughter (Gwen's friend) Zoe while she went to the temple. Timo was still home and Emily hurt her finger at school so I called the doctors and got an appointment for that afternoon. Timo has a virus--what I guessed but he hurt when he coughed so I had to make sure. Emily didn't break her finger the doctor buddy taped it and it's doing better. Tim dropped off Taran's transcript to BYU at lunch. Taran had madrigal feast preparations, work and interviews with the bishop and stake president for BYU. He ended up going to work last because of a weird thing happened to his car door. So I went with him that night to work to help him get done sooner. The first room I went in to get the garbage the ceiling had caved in and was dripping water all over. We got the stuff cleared away from danger and Taran got a hold of the principal. We are sure that was no coincidence! Tim played basketball that night at the church.

Wednesday Tim took me early to my mom's so I could take her to have cataract surgery on her other eye. We had to be there at 6:30 AM! So I took my Christmas cards and got a lot of them done while I waited and later at her house. I stayed all day until Tim was done working then he came and got me. She seemed to do even better this time and last time was just fine. I enjoyed visiting with my dad too. When I got home I got the little boys ready for the Madrigal Feast. Teresa picked us up and we went over to the high school. This is an amazing event the Chamber and A Capella choirs do every Christmas. They serve delicious dinner and sing Christmas songs and do a little skit that is usually funny. The little boys enjoyed throwing pennies at the beggars. Taran was part of the royal court. I really thought they did a great job. Meanwhile Tim just had Gwen to put to bed and Timo home. Emily had young women and they went caroling to the neighbors for Pennies for Peace. Emily's idea, I must brag! She did it last year with her friends and suggested it to their Beehive leaders and presidency. They collected $85 dollars in an hour! Not bad!

Thursday Timo felt better and went back. Emily stayed home sick--not too sick just tummy trouble in the night. I ran errands including getting money turned into a cashier's check. That afternoon I helped with dinner prep for madrigal. I actually enjoyed it. The kids and other adults were great to work with. Tim came at 6 PM to do the actual dinner. He stayed until 9 PM since he was the only man. It was suppose to be until 8 PM but hardly anyone showed up at 8 PM to relieve them. Timo got to go to Madrigal with the priests for Young Men, they enjoyed it!

Friday Gwen and I ran errands. I am looking for a white nativity--no gold on it. I think I may have to make one. Timo had another birthday party that night. They went to a tumbling place in Provo. This was for a girl. He had fun and on his way home he asked a girl to the Christmas dance--brave boy! He will be in Taran's group since most of his friends are old enough yet. Taran had to sing at a Costco work party after madrigal! They earn money at these gigs--whatever people want to donate. Tim and I decided to go see Tangled in 3D that night since we didn't have anything! I already saw it but I knew he really wanted to see it since he already saw HP. It was amazing in #D and I think he really liked it as well. Unfortunately we had to go to the late show since the earlier one was sold out.

Saturday was chores and then Tim helped me with scouts, we did a compass course. He is awesome to help me out! I got called to substitute so I worked on that a little. I made homemade soup, apple sauce and bread for dinner! My friend gave me this easy recipe for applesauce. You peel and cut apples--I use my apple corer from Pampered Chef then I peel. Put the apples in a pot with water barely covering it. Boil until soft. Then drain half of water off. Then add Red Hot Candies as you mash it. Done! Add some whipping cream for a dessert feel--yummy! After dinner I took Emily and the younger kids to a live Nativity in Alpine. It was a great experience. They had a 'Bethlehem' set up with a market and animals--the kids fed the camels and then a live baby with 'Mary' and 'Joseph' Tim was really tired so he stayed home. Taran had another night of madrigal. Timo was helping Teresa at her school. Tim finished the 2nd Hunger games book and has been telling me about them--I am afraid the violence might be too much for me.

Today was Fast Sunday and testimony meeting. Timo got to bless the sacrament and Tim and Taran were up there with him--a ward tradition. That was pretty cool and the testimonies were great, mostly deacons who have been reading the Book of Mormon for a special 80 day challenge. AWESOME! Subbing was fine. Sharing time was great with stories of prophets foretelling the birthday of Jesus and singing Primary Christmas songs! Great spirit in those songs!

My friend posted this on facebook from her friend and I want to share this thought:

"I love long lines at Christmas!! This time of year reminds me that most
everyone waiting in line is not thinking of themselves, or buying for
themselves...this special time of year where all of those long lines
mean that everyone ahead of me line is thinking of others and trying
to make someone else happy on Christmas morning. I always look for the very longest line (drives my husband crazy) and happily stand in that line during the Christmas holidays!! As I wait, I count my blessings, I think about all the people ahead of me and how they are thinking of others, and how blessed we are to have this special time of remember others who have blessed our lives and to take this opportunity to thank them. I think the Savior must think of Christmas lines in that same way. The longer the line the more others are thinking of others and giving of themselves." Debbie Blair

So instead of complaining or being annoyed, take the high road!:) Merry Christmas and make it meaningful!

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