Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Week of Summer Break...

Not too exciting since I still don't have my big van so I share with Taran. Memorial Day started with Tim and Emily putting up flags in the neighborhood at 7 AM. Tim bought the kids donuts and we went out for breakfast. We then went onto a nursery to buy plants for our garden. We are trying some cool things this year sweet potato and yukon gold potatoes! We also got a raspberry plant since we figured out where we want it! So we spent the next couple of hours planting. It was nice enough I could have worked in the yard all day! But alas the family BBQ! We went to Orem to celebrate with my family. Tim made homemade strawberry ice cream and it was divine! After yummy food and fun we headed to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of relatives and veterans that did not have any flowers on their graves. It's a sobering experience to ponder on those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. Do we really get it?

Tuesday Timo had an early ortho appointment then Taran and Timo went to my mom's to work in her yard. The other kids did their goals they had made for the summer. They also played that afternoon of course. Wednesday Timo and I went and finalized his schedule with the high school counselor--they hadn't given hime seminary. Later I worked in our yard with Taran and Timo. They worked on our trampoline hole and I worked on weeds. I rented Alice in Wonderland--Johnny Depp version. The kids loved it--in a weird way. Micah's friend Adam has a pool and his mom invited us to go over there and swim. Izak stayed home with Taran. Timo went to a friends and everyone else swam. It's a new pool barely a week old! I wish! Oh, I wish we had one! That night we also rented a Jackie Chan movie The Spy Next Door. It's a cute family movie with cool Jackie Chan moves! Thursday Emily had an early dermatology appointment. Taran and Timo and the other kids went to my mom's which is near the office. They were working on thinning her apricot and peach trees. Emily and I joined in and left after 2 PM once we felt like we got it done and the ground cleaned up. Youth Conference was that night--games and a special speaker and even Emily's age was invited. She had a party that overlapped with it so she was back and forth. The kids seem to enjoy Youth Conference and ended up hanging in our basement playing games and outside as well.
Friday the youth conference for 14 and older went to a Ropes course and had a great time. The younger kids met up with them at the John Moyle home/museum in Alpine--great story if you haven't heard it check it out! They ate dinner and watched the DVD the church put out. Then they hiked up the Moyle trail until they could see the valley and had a testimony meeting. Apparently it was powerful. So glad to hear. Meanwhile I had 11 year old district camp out up AF Canyon. It was fun and we got home before dark--the dads spend the night since we aren't allowed. I spent most of the day getting things ready for it. Had the littlest kids and they enjoyed movie night together.
Saturday Izak had WEBELOS Extreme, basically cub scout day camp. He had fun. Tim worked in the yard and I had a few things at noon but of course I only got to one thing! I felt bad but sometimes that's the way it goes. I got my hair cut and woven by my niece and got lots of compliments today on it! The youth had a service project to end the youth conference and a water fight too, I guess! Tim worked hard on the yard closing up the fascia where the birds would enter--they are gone now! Putting soaker sprinklers on our strawberry plants and trying to get the grape and rhubarb plants some sprinklers--not quite there yet. Maybe this week!
Today was great fast and testimony meeting, of course. I substituted for the secretary again. After church Taran worked on some of his Eagle Scout stuff and we realized he needs one more hike so tomorrow we'll get it done! He's so close he's just trying to get in touch with the Eagle guy to meet with him! We had a great visit with Tim's parents tonight.

We are getting so excited to see all of Tim's siblings and their families in a couple of weeks! Some start arriving this weekend! I wish I had taken pictures of the kids at the pool and all the yard work we did, owell! Hope your summer is going well!


The Cranes said...

Where did the kids go for their rope course? Our stake is having a one-day youth conference this year--a very long day 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on June 19th and they are doing rope course stuff and repelling at Camp Williams. I "get" to go as a leader which normally I wouldn't mind but I'm not liking that the day is when family is here! That's great that Taran is so close to getting his eagle!

RAQ said...

This ropes course was in Provo. Bummer it happens while family is in town but at least it's just one day!