Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Izak!

Poor Izak, today is his 10th birthday and it has been a crazy day! Luckily I got up early enough to make him crepes and my mom and dad took him out for lunch. They also let him pick out a new toy too. He is such a sweet and happy boy. I thoroughly enjoyed him as a baby and little boy he just so fun. He is also musically talented with singing and piano--I think our kids get this from Tim. He is active loves to play most sports and games. He is fun to watch in sports especially basketball. He was born 1 week after we moved into our house here. So it was a bit chaotic for awhile especially when we put grass in our new yard. He is really great with younger kids playing with him and including them in things. He is a great part of our family and we hope this year is great for him!


nevadanista said...

Happy birthday to Izak. he looks pretty sweet with that goatee :D

RAQ said...

thanks! it was facial hair day at school and this was his felt goatee! I love that photo!