Sunday, October 4, 2009

A great date and other things...

Last Friday night was a BYU home football game. They were playing Utah State. We have season tickets and I always get the weeknight game and the kids take the other games. Why? Oh, it's the blue side of me (personality colors--it was big in the 90s), I have a hard time giving up half my Saturday to football. My mom was a lifesaver and let us drop the kids off there on our way to the game because our big boys wanted to go to the Lone Peak vs AF game (rival). We traded cars and she drove them home so they were all in bed when we got home from the game around 11 PM. The game was great fun. We got dinner at the stadium, I usually get a polish dog at these things...I feel like it's part of the whole experience. So I got one and we got some yummy fries too. We were early enough we could eat calmly before we went and sat down. It was so fun to feel the energy in the stadium. I'd forgotten. Last year I didn't go because I was flat on my back most of the season. Tim and I had a great time watching the team warm up before and chatting with people we knew and hadn't seen in awhile. The game was fun but a funny thing happened after half-time. Tim and I got some kettle corn at half-time. It had gotten a bit chillier by then too so I had a blanket on my lap. It has a fleece side and a nylon side. When I stood up to yell crumbs fell off my lap from the kettle corn onto the guy in front of me, who was wearing a fleece jacket--but I didn't realize it. When he got up to leave during the beginning of the 4th quarter I noticed and so did Tim. We laughed so hard--there was a small pile of popcorn on his chair too! I am sure he was totally put out when he saw this because I think it bugged him that I yelled so loud--I almost lost my voice. Anyway, Tim and I giggled all night about it. It reminded me how much fun we have together and how glad I am he is my best friend and my husband! I am one lucky girl!

A week or so ago I took Zane and Gwen and Zane's friend to the 'duck pond' to feed the ducks. This was around noon--I had them eat at home first so they would eat and not be distracted by the park. So we fed the ducks first and it seemed like no one has been feeding them because it was kind of a frenzy. The geese were the worst they showed up half way through the loaf of bread and would take the bread away from the ducks. We saw 3 Canadian Geese and one goose that looks like your typical 'Mother Goose' goose, white with an orange bill. This later one is the most intrusive it got up on the grass with us so we tossed the last of the bread and ran off to the playground part of the park. They had the whole place to themselves and enjoyed it. I think we may go back this week if the weather doesn't stay too rainy.

I am jumping around on this post but I am trying to retrieve a photo off my computer so I can post it here! Yesterday was Izak's last soccer game this fall. It has been challenging since his team is new and they are still learning a lot and it's competitive. He seems to play hard and try to do his best despite it all and I am proud of him for that. I am also impressed with their team as a whole. They lost on Wednesday pretty bad but they didn't start fouling or anything out of frustration they played their best and I felt they held their dignity. I have seen this happen a lot since Taran, Timo and Emily all played competitively. We still have one more week of recreation soccer, just as the weather is cooling--hopefully no snow this week in the valley. We already have snow in the mountains with the beautiful leaves! I missed all the flag football games because I had other places including soccer games to be. We have a few more weeks of that.

Yesterday was General Conference for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This means we have the opportunity to hear from our church leaders over 2 days. On Saturday nights they have meeting for just the men of the church 12 and older, because they hold the priesthood (confused click here for more info). It's not secret, we had a Women's meeting last week. They publish all the talks and I enjoy reading the talks for the men. They usually encourage them to be good husbands, fathers and sons. Sometimes they address topics like pornography and it's dangers. They also seem to also encourage the men to serve others as well. I guess last night they spoke about controlling anger for one of the talks. Anyway. We had a family gathering at Tim's sister's afterward. Tim takes our boys out to dinner before which they enjoy. Then they met up with my brother-in-law to watch it with him. Our nephews from Texas met at my sister-in-laws as well as my sister-in-law from Idaho and her 2 daughters and the rest of us 'Utahns'. It was a fun evening. The nephews are brothers and one is at BYU and the other just got home from his mission so they hadn't seen each other in 3 years so I am including a photo of them together. Cute guys! If their parents read this they can see their boys together here! One of my nieces from Idaho just got an internship with the LDS Church Humanitarian Services in Salt Lake so we will be able to see her more often too, yeah! We think it's so amazing to have family close by since we both didn't have that growing up! By the way, General Conference was fabulous and I can't wait to go over the talks again since I was a little dozy during a few talks even though we had plenty of snacks to keep us awake! It helps me feel greater resolve to make good choices and hope that I can be what I need to be. I may include more specifics on a future post but it was very inspirational!

Last update is to explain this photo, if you look close you can see my kids all have fake facial hair it was Facial Hair Day this week and it was quite funny! I had to share!


andrea said...

Looks like you had lots of fun at the BYU game. :)

Oooo....that goose at the pond is mean! We were there about 3 weeks ago and he came up and nipped at Ellie, just got her hair since she turned around in time, but I don't like that goose!

Facial hair day.....that is seriously the oddest "theme day" I have ever heard of! ;) Especially for the girls!

Heidi said...

I love the kettle corn story. I can see you laughing hysterically which makes it so much better!!

4boyzmdmom said...

I miss those BYU games...I have a dream to come back in the fall some day and go to one...Frank and I need to do that together to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement! Sounds like you are busy and having fun! I loved the facial hair photo--too cute!

Steph said...

I'm jealous of your date. For some reason, Kev & I never make it together unless many or most of the kids are in tow. Though we do have only two tickets to the Utah game the end of Nov. Maybe the two of us will go, it should be nice and warm and we can snuggle!

Shellie said...

Facial hair day sounds so fun! Glad you had fun at the game, and you are lucky to have a husband like Tim.