Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emily's 12th birthday


We had a her choice for breakfast cinnamon buns--these Tim makes not the store bought kind. Then she opened presents from us. Then my mom took her to lunch and shopping. She had a lot of fun. Emily wanted a boy/girl party for her 12th birthday. So we centered the theme around dice. They came for dinner and we had planned to incorporate dice with the dinner but thought better to simplify. After dinner they did a scavenger hunt but they had to use dice to figure out which house to go to--they were split up into teams for this. Then they played the candy bar game with dice--Emily won one of them as you can see in the collage (we had 2 going at a time). Then we had them play the Skittle and straw game with dice, it's tricky. And for the final dice game they played Farkle. They were ready to run around again so they went outside and played night games, without dice. We had sundaes for dessert outside too since it was still nice weather and not too bad after dark. She seemed to have a lot of fun and I think her friends did too. We included Emily's birthday with the big Pew party to celebrate Gwen, Shellie (Tim's sister), Erin (our niece) and Daniel (our nephew). It was a lot of fun as well. Sunday we had Emily's birthday dinner since we hadn't really done that and her dessert she wanted was lemonade pie but I felt like there might be too many kids who wouldn't like it so we should stick with basic chocolate and vanilla. We will celebrate her birthday with my family with the November birthdays so more fun to come! Birthdays are so fun with all our family around!

PS I would have posted more photos in the collage but not enough of them turned out. I am bummed that I forgot to get a photo of Emily and Gwen with our family on their birthdays! Owell.
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The Cranes said...

Maddie had a great time at the party! How does Emily like YW?

4boyzmdmom said...

Oh, she's so beautiful already--look out!!