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Pew Family 2017 Year in Review

Pew Family 2017 Year in Review

Here we are again counting down to Christmas and a New Year...this year Tim and I turned 50. That definitely makes one stop and ponder what you have done, experienced and goals for the next 50 or so. Honestly, as I get older I really don't want to live to be 100 just healthy until I go, right?

We hope this finds you happy, healthy and where you want to be at this time in your life, If not, that is the beauty of Jesus Christ. He makes it possible for each of us to change, heal and progress. May you find his peace and love this holiday season.

Here's some of what we've been up to:

Gwen is 11 (5th grade) and still likes hugs and snuggles which we are grateful. She started sewing lessons this summer and has continued to take them this fall, She really enjoys it and made her new nephew an elephant. She still plays the piano and continues to progress in that. She was in gymnastics until she injured her foot this summer—stress fracture. She is not interested in anything competitive but hopes to start doing a musical theater class in January. She loves being an auntie and pirates (as in Caribean) and animals.

Zane is 14 (8th grade) is one of our consistent kids at doing what he supposed to when he supposed to do it! He has loved playing on the Lone Peak Ultimate Frisbee Middle School team. They won the state championship last spring and won all their fall tournaments. He tried out for the U15 Utah YCC team for Ultimate Frisbee and made it. He and Tim traveled to Washington to play in a West Best Tournament. This is the first year Utah has had a team for U15 and they took 2nd only losing to the championship team. He had a great experience despite the bad weather.

Micah is 15 (10th grade) looking forward to 16 to drive and date! He is enjoying high school and making new friends, going to parties and sporting events. He enjoyed playing on the 9th grade basketball team at Mountain Ridge earlier in the year. He also plays Ultimate Frisbee and played on the Lone Peak boys B team last spring and enjoyed traveling with the team to a tournament in Colorado. They had fun and played well. This fall he made the boys A team which he's pretty happy about and was on the Mixed (Co-Ed) B team. They did pretty well despite injuries. He looks forward to this spring playing with Izak.

Izak is 17 (12th grade) and he is looking forward to graduating. He spends most of his time playing Ultimate Frisbee on the boys A team and this fall Mixed A team. He is one of the 3 captains and truly cares about his teammates. They traveled to Oregon and Georgia for tournaments and had a great time and did well. They came in 2nd at state which was disappointing but Ultimate Frisbee has become more popular these last few years and made it much more competitive. Their mixed team also came in 2nd at State. He also works at Little Caesar's with half the Ultimate Frisbee team. He also enjoys the school dances and dating in general, he is very social.

Emily is 20 and serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is having a great experience overall: sometimes hard and sometimes funny or both but very rewarding. She is currently training. If you want to read about some of her adventures check out her blog at:

Timo and Megan exiting the temple
Timo is 23 and married! He got married last spring in the Portland, Oregon temple to Megan Gunn. He met Megan in his BYU ward his first year after his mission. Magic happened last fall friendship turned to more and they decided within a couple of weeks after Christmas they wanted to get married. We love Megan and are happy to have her in the family. They are both in school at BYU. Timo is applying for a bachelors/masters program in Stats (I am not sure of the exact name you can ask him). They both work as teachers assistants in their majors.
all the siblings minus Emily

4 generations

          Taran is 24 and a dad! Taran and Lisa recently became parents of the cutest baby boy Adrian! Adrian was born November 2nd, 2017. He's growing healthy and Lisa is recovering well from her c-section. Taran is currently working full-time for Nu Skin and a team leader. They gave him a month paternity leave paid which has been really nice. Lisa was also working at Nu Skin until Adrian was born. She is hoping to stay home and be crafty and take care of Adrian. They both were going to school until the fall anticipating the birth of Adrian. They plan on returning to school next year.
Adrian and Mommy Lisa

Rachelle, I am enjoying being a grandma but I prefer to be called Mimzy. I know it might seem weird but I like it. I finished last spring being PTA president at the Elementary school and luckily someone stepped forward to be the president this year! Somehow I knew it would work out. I stayed on the board as the Legislative VP and organized a Meet the Candidates Night for our City candidates. We had a great turn out. I have been able to do more Family History and humanitarian projects which has been very satisfying. I also enjoy helping in Gwen's class and going to the temple. 50 isn't too bad-so far thanks to daily yoga and vitamins!

Tim is enjoying his Mormon Tabernacle Choir experience so far. You can look for him each Sunday in Music and the Spoken Word. They can be accessed on YouTube if you miss it live. He is usually on the first couple of rows on the right side. He has been great at balancing home duties and practices—FYI they have MANY extra events and practices you may not realize. (I didn't have a clue but I am totally good with it.) He plays sports at lunch at work. He continues to work for Family Search and they just moved to their new building out in Lehi by Thanksgiving Point. He is also the best grandpa or G-Pa.

We have had a lot of fun this year seeing Tim in concerts and the Spoken Word.
After Tim's first concert as an official Mormon Tabernacle Choir member
Lots of Ultimate Frisbee games which we enjoy—we love our Ultimate Frisbee family. They have blessed us greatly! Hikes, picnics and snowshoeing close by up the canyon. We had a fun trip to Oregon for Timo's wedding, We got to go to Voo Doo donuts
, a lighthouse, the ocean, Multnomah Falls, Tillamook Cheese Factory cafe (the factory usually has tours but was closed for remodeling) besides the Portland temple. It was beautiful. We also enjoyed visiting Thanksgiving Point, The Aquarium and Seven Peaks. We also had some downs like a broken collarbone, stress fractures, leaking bathrooms and other challenges. Challenges make us notice our blessings and draw us to God our Father and His son Jesus Christ. Our greatest treasures are our relationships which we have been richly blessed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ actually is the greatest blessing which brings meaning to our lives and relationships.
Cape Meares Lighthouse

Much love to you! The Pews

to see videos from Emily's mission, Izak's greatest and other stuff we save there!

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