Sunday, September 25, 2016

50 and Fit?

Mount Timp in the fall (PC: Me)
So I started this post awhile ago and it looks like it got deleted. Owell.  It's mostly for me. I think there is an inherent need to express ourselves.  I miss blogging but I started it when I had back problems 8 years ago and continued during a super busy time. It was not helping my family so I backed off and only post once a year. Life isn't less busy but my kids are older and don't need as much direction on Sunday as before. One thing I wanted to do by posted here is hold myself accountable. I made a body lifestyle change in July. I kind of wish I had a before picture. But I decided that I needed to change how I was taking care or not taking care of my body. 

For me and a lot of moms I know taking care of us is LAST priority. We put our families and others first. But I think it's a big mistake to let our health suffer while we take care of others. In the end we won't be there or at least in a healthy way with our families if we don't take care of ourselves. I enjoy exercising that isn't the issue, my issue is food. I love to eat.  I enjoy cooking and baking so it's been a challenge to eat healthy.  I like healthy food but I eat too much of it and everything else. I have hypothyroidism which means I have a slower metabolism than I should.  I honestly should be HUGE as it is I was on the obese side of the BMI table. I know so gross. 3 things we don't talk about sex, money and our weight right? But here I am. I was looking at photos from a recent family trip and I looked so fat and then I went on a hike that was 3 miles and I felt so heavy and out of shape. My oldest son Taran had wanted me to hike Timp with him and his wife the end of summer. After this 3 mile hike I thought that I would never make it up there and back at this fitness level. One of my friends from high school posted on Facebook her goal to be healthy by her 50th birthday.  So that's when I decided to set the goal  to climb Timp next summer after I got fit.  So 50 and Fit was born for me. I was going to start a Facebook group but my daughter thought it was weird but I know that it is easier if you have support of others to reach a goal not just a fitness goal. I haven't started a group because I don't want to be a goober. But maybe I still be a goober and make one!

So I am down 16 pounds. It's been fun people are noticing. So what I did was I had been reading and gathering info on healthy eating and exercising over the years. I put together something simple that fit my life. And so far it's working. I have a free app Lifesum that I track my eating and exercise and weight. I actually went off of refined sugar for 3 weeks trying to get rid of my addiction to sugar. The last time I went off sugar I got so sick I was going into withdrawal. I had a horrible headaches (are there any other kinds of headaches?). I was nauseated and lethargic. It was horrible so I went back to sugar.  But since then I had read more and found out if you eat lots of protein, eat every 2 hours and drink lots of water you can get rid the addiction with less withdrawal symptoms. It totally worked. So the app had me put in my desired weight and my current weight and suggested the calories I should have in order to reach my goal over a certain amount of time.  The app helps me stay on target. I also tried to eat every 2 hours and stop after dinner what ever time that is. I also drink lots of water. I also changed my exercise a bit by adding Tabata or sometimes it's called metabolic training. I do at least 4 minutes of Tabata (if you go to YouTube you can find lots of workouts)it's supposed to jump start your metabolism. So if I have a lot of time I do 30 plus minutes. I have been also doing yoga lately but usually I walk or run on the elliptical. I do this before I eat breakfast and after I drink a glass of water. I was putting fresh lemon squeezed in it which is supposed to stimulate the liver which helps clean toxins from your body. I have modified my eating, I eat healthier, usually but I also enjoy a bite or two or a whole serving of dessert.  I have made some amazing recipes I have found. I found some high protein snacks to make that are delicious, my kids, who are the pickiest, eat them and want more!

I know that I could not do this without God. I know he inspired me and showed me what I could do for me. He helps me keep my resolve. Have I messed up? Oh yes, I have but nothing like in the past where I would binge after depriving myself. I have feel like I am making better food choices and I know I am eating way less than before. It was eye opening when I starting measuring my food! I had been eating enough for 3 people! I know God and His son Jesus Christ care about our health and happiness and when we are ready to make changes in our lives they are ready to help.

Anyway, I am super excited about my new "lifestyle". I hope it helps me be fit enough for Timp and for turning 50!

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