Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter happenings...

So it's late...let's see if I can really scale back this post!

Monday I went to my parents' so my mom could go get her haircut, Gwen had swimming right after and then dance right after that, yes a busy day for her! Micah and Zane had a special Science Show down at BYU that a professor was doing for Cub Scouts from his neighborhood so he invited our part of Cedar Hills. They loved it. That night we watched the NCAA National Championship for FHE--a late night in the end. Zane won our family bracket challenge. I had a pathetic showing.

Tuesday I went to the temple early since my Visiting Teachers were coming earlier since I was going to the Endodontist at 10 AM. Somehow it all fit in. Then I went to Costco then Walmart. I got stuff done just in time to get Gwen. I went to the Endodontist because I have an infection in my gum, it might be from my sinus infection the week before went in and infected that tooth! Bummer but he gave me a prescription. I am doing a lot better--my cheek was totally swollen and my teeth hurt to eat. That afternoon was piano and then that night was Micah's 4th grade program. Just Tim and I went since the school had asked to leave students home who had seen it earlier in the day. This is the largest age group at the school so it was packed. We were happy to be the only ones going! It was super cute and all about Utah. He got to be 'Modern Utah'--a Jazz Fan! I videoed a couple of songs.
That night Tim and our ward mens basketball team won the championship! He was pretty happy about that of course!

Wednesday June didn't come since her Grandma is visiting from North Carolina! We missed her but ended up busy. Izak had N.O.V.A. graduation which replaced the old DARE program. I had my mom pick up Gwen and her friend Luke, drop Luke off and stay with Gwen at our house. It was the only way I could figure it out with the timing. Izak ended up getting a very special award the Super Nova, Emily got it too. The officer chose one student from each class, mostly based on them being kind to others. I was pretty excited for him--funny thing is 3 of the 5 kids chosen were from our neighborhood. The other 2 kids are part of a triplet so 2 from one family! After the graduation Gwen and I tried to go to the funeral for our neighbor's mother who had died Sunday. The Google directions were wrong. Owell, I talked to her and let her know. Apparently I wasn't the only one who got lost. I took Gwen home and fed her lunch and then we went to the store. I had told her I would take her to Target after the funeral so she could purchase some sandals--high heel sandals she wanted me to buy. I had already bought her some pink ones so I told she could get them with her own money of she really wanted them, so she did after we got home and counted her money! After that we went by my friend whose daughter was the terrible car accident and still hanging on, to visit. I had meant to go sooner but with getting sick and being behind not too long after it happened. I have kept in touch via computer so not a complete slacker. It was a tender visit. My friend is amazing and I know that she can handle this challenge if anyone can. I love her and her family and feel so sad that they have to endure this trial. I got home in time for the kids. Emily had play practice that day so I picked her up. That night we had Taran's BYU's Got Talent. He and his little band. They did so great! We were so proud of them! They were definitely top 3 in the competition and got the 2nd loudest cheers which was suppose to be part of it. Taran and the band weren't disappointed that they didn't place but we were! My sister and mom came besides some of the band members family members and Taran's roommates and some friends from work and his ward. He felt the love! We went to the Creamery after. Timo missed out since the Priests were going scuba diving in a private pool near Salt Lake City. He was nervous and almost came with us but in the end his sense of duty won out and he went. He had a great time. He is one of the 2 kids in our family who could do it--Micah is the other. Everyone else has had too many ear infections. As it was he still felt some pain.

Thursday was Gwen's preschool Easter Party. She had to take 12 filled eggs, she chose to fill them with Starbursts. She got to bring home 12. She made a bunny out of a milk carton. Here she is with hers and with her buddy Luke. They mostly played outside riding scooters unfortunately she hit a seam on the sidewalk when they were racing and biffed it just as he was getting ready to leave. I made some cookies I found on Pinterest in between checking on them! I had her take a nap when he left because she had been up super late the night before. She was feeling a lot better after she woke up. The boys were good about being quiet. Thursday we had a couple of soccer games and Gwen had practice. She was sore from her scooter fall so we bailed on that. Emily had to be picked up and Micah and Izak needed dropping off all around 5 PM. So I took Gwen and Zane with. When I went home with Emily Tim drove up and then Timo so I was able to leave Gwen and Zane with them. I went to Micah's game and he played well but they lost, barely! They had dominated but with one minute left the other team went ahead and after a couple of scoring tries they lost. He was bummed and tired out from the night before so he went to bed early. Emily reffed that night and Izak went to his soccer game even though he can walk he has another week until he can run. Tim got us all pizza for dinner even though I had marinated chicken I realized later that I wouldn't be home to prepare it. I had a meeting at 7:15 PM--YW Presidency PPI. After Tim helped me print out the roles for the next 4 months and reserve the DVD player for Sunday--I was teaching.

Friday was a little crazy, Gwen and I went to Walmart to get a treat for Izak's class for their Spring Party even though the weather was SNOW! It was so cold! I was going to get Popsicles but Izak didn't like that idea with snow on the ground! So I got donuts. Another mom did some games and they were pretty fun--the kids LOVED them! I had played Wink 'em but the other game Camel-Palmtree-Elephant was super funny! After an hour we went home. That afternoon the kids wanted to color eggs. After I boiled one batch I broke half of them! So I did some more and made egg salad with the rest! The kids (minus Timo who had left on a camp out to the Lavatubes camping) We had a fun visit with Breton, Taran's friend who stopped by to chat. He wants to play Tim in tennis, Tim is ready! I had rented Puss In Boots for the kids and 3 Musketeers for Tim and I. Emily ended up at a friend's, Micah and Izak ended up at a friend's also. So Zane and Gwen watched it. Tim and I watched the 3 Musketeers after they were all in bed. We enjoyed the movie but like the old version better overall.

Saturday Gwen had a soccer game at 9 AM and Zane had one at 9:30 AM. I took Gwen and she was great! I was so proud of her! She didn't score but she was in on it and kicked the ball at least 15 times. Micah and Izak came and were cheering her on. After Gwen showered and the boys did their Saturday chores. I dropped Emily off to referee. Tim and Zane got home and we left shortly after that for BYU. Charl and Katie met us there and it was a crazy time but fun. Zane was the most disappointed that he only got candy and some player cards. They had 20 eggs with BYU football vouchers and locker room tours! They said that there were 5, 000 kids signed up (we got an email about it and had to RSVP), not a lot of chances to win! We got free tickets to the baseball game so we went to that and watched 2 innings. They were probably the best 2 innings to watch! Seriously, we left after they took a 2 run lead and it was into the 8 inning. We bought lunch there--very simple a Hot Dog and drinks! It was a lot of fun and I am glad that we saw the best part of the game since the kids only lasted that long. The kids and Tim got their picture taken with Cosmo. Then we went to my mom's for an Easter Egg hunt, she also had a soccer ball/pinata so the kids kicked it until the candy came out. Very fun! Then we came home Tim got Weed-N-Feed, and worked in the yard. I had him grill the marinated chicken. It was delicous! After dinner I went and got several errands done. I got back around 8 PM. I worked on burning the music and videos to CD/ DVD respectively for my lesson. Emily had friends here and they watched Tommy Boy edited. Timo had made it home safe from his camp out and had gone to hang out that night with neighbor kids. I had lots of little things that kept me up until 1:30 AM! Crazy I know!

Today I woke up around 7:30 AM and started reading my scriptures. It is always a great blessing when I get to read to start the day! I got more done today than ever possible. The Savior is real and I know he will take care of us if we turn to him!
The Easter Bunny came while we were at church since it was Fast Sunday. My lesson was alright, I actually did a Personal Progress Experience since there wasn't an 'Easter Lesson" like Primary! I showed some videos about Jesus Christ to start. Then split them into 3 groups to read the scriptures, write in their Personal Progress Journal and share their feelings about what their Savior has done for them. One group didn't seem to really get into it as much as the other two so next time I decide to use that technique I will split them up into 6 groups. My main goal was to help the girls feel the love of their Savior and Heavenly Father. I used 2 awesome quotes by Elder Bednar and Elder Holland. We had my parents and sister over for dinner--Taran came too of course! It was a great time. We had ham and chicken with many sides. My sister brought rolls and my mom made dessert. We watched the videos on about Easter Sunday after dinner. We also watched a couple of family home videos I just got back from Costco! It was a fun time! We are sorry it didn't pan out to have a Pew gathering but family gatherings are enjoyable whatever side we visit with. I am so grateful to know that Jesus Christ lives and that through Him I can overcome not only death but my sins, and other challenges. It is a very tender thing to know His love for us personally and it is very empowering as well!

Now I am going to bed!!! We have Spring Break starting this week! Very exciting! Have a great week!

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