Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

So I got the second tree decorated as you can see in the collage! Other than no real snow yet it feels like we are getting into the holidays. Emily had her Choir Christmas concert and I always enjoy those! Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I am getting ahead of myself.

Last Monday I didn't go to my mom's. I stayed home with Gwen got stuff done around here. My mom knew I was tired after a long busy weekend so I was grateful to not drive in that condition. Gwen has another weird freak out at dance so we both left crying. It was very frustrating. She has promised me she will dance tomorrow which is a special day for any parents or grandparents who want to go. Tim is coming and I think my mom so she better! She really is good I know I keep saying that but she and Zoe have really impressed me with how well they follow directions and execute the skills. She dances around the house so I know she loves it. When I asked her why she was freaking out she said, "Satan. It's him." I wanted to laugh but I was too mad! We were suppose to have a special FHE with our nephew Sam who was coming from Texas to go into the Missionary Training Center. He missed his plane and then his connecting flight in Arizona was over booked so he was bumped to another flight. So by the time we were able to get him it was about 11 PM. So we had a simple FHE of a Muppet Christmas Carol which we love. Some of the kids helped me decorate while we watched. Tim had gone to go get Sam with his mom and they were just on the freeway when they got the word that he got bumped so he turned around and took her home and then came home. I took a nap before we left so I might be some help to Tim! It was fun to see Sam. He is such a cute kid and handled the challenges of the day well. We couldn't find his luggage at first but got that figured out that it had arrived on that first flight out of Arizona! By the time we dropped him off and got home it was close to 1 AM. Tim's highlight besides seeing Sam was seeing NBA Jazz player Mehmmot Okur (not sure how to spell it) who is from Turkey arrive before Sam. Tim said, "Hey." And he said, "Hello!" He couldn't wait to tell Timo! Timo ditched FHE to ask a girl to the Christmas Dance (which is this week) and he helped his friends do it too--I thought he's be home in time but they took FOREVER to figure out what to do!

Tuesday I woke up not feeling well like I might throw up or have the other. Later I figured out it was the MUSCINEX I had taken before bed on an empty stomach. I went back to bed after the kids left for school and slept until the phone rang. I felt a bit better but not 100%. I just drank some milk to see how that went. We went to lunch with Sam, Tim's parents, and his sisters Amy and Shellie. It was fun to spend time with them and see him but I had left my camera in the car but I thought I had left it in the van at Tim's work so I didn't even try. Amy took pictures so hopefully she'll post them soon. Tim and I went to the mall after to get a protective shield put on his mom's Ipod as her Birthday present. It is amazing protection and it has a lifetime warranty. We also looked at some Christmas present ideas--we were considering a speed bag for the boys to punch instead of each other. We consider it for their birthdays. Having 3 boys close in age has multiplied our teasing and torturing. I went and picked up Gwen after dropping Tim off and picking up the van. I still felt weird but not as bad as the morning. I took it easy because we had the last night of the Madrigal Feast and I had to help in the kitchen. I did some serious praying because I didn't want to go if I had a bug. I felt like I would fine and it was going to fine. I got there and got things going because the lady in charge was a little late because she had taken a cat nap that went too long--bless her heart they had had 250 people come the night before!!! So I was glad that I was there because none of the other adults knew what to do. Emily watched the little kids--they had pizza. Izak made sure Zane went to scouts and they all went to piano. When I got done I just got in line with some of my friends whose kids were in it with Timo--again I forgot my camera! One of my friends took a photo of Timo and the 'gang' but I guess I forgot to get it off of facebook. We got awesome seats and Timo was one of our servers. My mom came with us. It was amazing, I just love this event and hope to go every year! It was the first time I went with Tim!

Wednesday my visiting teachers came. They are really great about coming and brought me yummy treats and a fleece blanket. It was fun to visit with them! After they left Gwen and I went Christmas shopping. She got Micah's present. We got a bit done which was good before we had to get home for the kids. Micah had scouts that afternoon. That night was Emily's choir concert and my mom joined us. Dad hasn't been doing as well lately. He is pretty miserable. But he lets my mom get out to stuff like this if he is okay enough. It is hard on my mom but she also needs a break from worrying about him. Timo didn't come because he had Iron Chef at scouts. He claims to have won--he did bring home a prize so I guess he must have:)

Thursday I had Luke and then his little sister Sophie came over later. She is just the funnest thing! She is almost 2 and delightful. I planned on hanging with them downstairs but we did do some stuff upstairs. I got some YW stuff done on the computer. Tim took Taran for his EKG at the hospital and his blood test. He is A+. So once we hear back we'll know if he needs more tests or just get regular check ups. My sister-in-law who is also a redhead said that it is common for redheads to have a heart murmur! She had one too. She was tested and it wasn't worth worrying about. Hopefully this is his case so we can be done and get those missionary papers turned in on time! Emily went with her YW class to SLC to Temple Square to see the lights and they went to dinner at the Lionhouse Pantry--soup and salad. They ended at one of the leader's grandmother's condo that overlooks the temple! Emily said that the view was amazing. They wrote letters to their future selves! Cool. Timo and Tim went to Jr Jazz practice that night.

Friday Gwen woke up with a cold. No fever but she looked tired to I asked Anna if she could bring June here so Gwen could lay around here. Anna was great with the idea. We loads of fun with her but I didn't let Gwen touch her face. I tried to get her to wash her hands if she touched her nose. June took a couple of naps and I was able to move laundry and make banana bread. She really is a delightful baby! Anna and I were visiting when the boys got home from school and they were loving her! It is such a blessing to have family close by to help and support each other and enjoy each other! Tim and Izak went down to register Izak for indoor soccer with his team--they carpooled with another dad and his son which was nice! Then we had the kids do their chores. Once they finished they watched Elf. Emily and her friends had been gone and came back so they babysat. We hope anyway! We took Tim's mom's Ipod to her. We had a nice visit and she had something we got for Tim's dad and I had something I bought for Gwen so we swapped. Gwen really wants this FurReal Puppy Cookie. I got it on Amazon that day with some cashback from Discover and then on our way home we stopped at Walmart and found it there for almost $20 less! So I tried to cancel when I got home but it isn't looking too promising! The one I bought was the same price as the one at our neighborhood Walmart. I think that Walmart sells for a lot less than ours! Timo had gone to the first home basketball game and they won--of course, they are ranked 24th NATIONALLY by ESPN. Crazy!

Saturday we had to be up early because we had our ward Christmas Party breakfast and Nativity Program. I was helping with the costumes. Tim and Timo sang. Emily was a shepherd. It was really nice and the teenagers were great 'actors'. The Primary kids sang a couple of songs at the beginning as well which was entertaining. Tim and I went shopping again--normal stuff and some Christmas. When we got home there was a riproaring football game going on in the backyard. Then they played Quittich and then spoons and UNO. Tim put together some gingerbread houses we bought from a kit while got some apple toffee dip ready and white elephant gifts to go to my cousin's new house. They bought an older home in Provo above the temple built in the 60s. It is in a cul-de-sac. They are in the middle of remodeling it. It's pretty cool. Taran joined us later--he has finals coming so he has been mostly studying the last 2 days. He is able to to get into his new apartment so he has been going there since it is quieter. He got a sweet ceramic chicken from Izak who thought it was sweet! Everyone laughed when Izak said that! Everyone was pretty entertained by the game--Zane was dreading it but came home with a stuffed turtle which he LOVES! We took Taran home after--he dropped off the chicken and we bought milk at the Creamery. Then we took to him to the new dorms. When we got home Timo was there--he had gone to DI with some of his friends and to Dominoes. He was helping his friend who was going to ask one of his friends to Preference. So Tim ironed while I folded and we watched part of a The Christmas Story--strange movie. We were all so tired we didn't finish it before we went to bed.

Tim had 6 AM meetings and I had one at 8 AM at the church, BYC. Izak was babysitting when I got home luckily it was alright. Tim, Emily and Timo had choir practice. Church was great--what I heard of it. I had a hard time not falling asleep. I wrote our missionaries this afternoon besides getting dinner ready. Tonight was our Stake Choirside. So I went with Timo, Emily, Tim and I and Izak was at home babysitting the rest. I felt like they had had enough sitting for a day! Our choir was great and there were a few others that were really good too. The others were still pleasant. I just love all the Christmas music. We sang in between while other choirs changed places. It's just too bad people don't make time to support their ward choir. We had a huge choir in California--I haven't seen a ward in Utah with a choir as big yet. Our ward has come close when more youth came. Timo is the only young man who comes. Izak will join in the spring.

Last week of school for 2011! Crazy! Taran starts finals tomorrow! Then moves this weekend. I have 2 class parties this week to help with and visiting teaching as well. It's all good! A few more gifts to get...I hope you have a great week! Enjoy it!

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4boyzmdmom said...

Lots of fun Christmas stuff! We haven't had snow lately here, either--only that freak storm before Halloween. My kids are complaining that it doesn't look like Christmas without snow, but I think it feels like Christmas and I'm very glad it isn't very cold! Have a great week! :)