Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later...we STILL remember

I was going to post about last week but I feel like this is such a special anniversary that I would rather take a week to share thoughts about 9/11. It is emotional to think about the losses of that day, the heroes of that day and the blessings of that day. For once I realized how vulnerable we really are that we can in no way predict the actions of others but we can decide how to react. And most reacted with love towards the victims and their families. Our nation came together on a level probably unknown since World War II. I am grateful for my faith in God that he is in charge and though he allows others to choose these terrible things to do he also comforts and heals and supports. We are never left on our own but can always turn to him always. I am grateful to live in this country that with all it's problems still is the world's best hope for freedom and peace. And I say God Bless America!


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I have a lot of those same feelings. I've been thinking a lot lately how lucky I am to live in a country where we can be jobless for over 3 months and still have a roof over our heads and 3 square meals a day. So many people in other countries don't enjoy that kind of comfort, ever!