Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last weeks of summer...

Well, here we are on the threshold of new beginnings. Always a bag of mixed emotions. Excited to start anew and see my kids developing their talents and skills with new teachers and friends, weary of the pure exhaustion I sometimes feel from the challenges of a large family that is involved in many things--the logistics! Taran starts college a week from tomorrow, tears have fallen from parents to siblings and even himself has he realizes he moves out this week. We've had a fun summer but still I will miss the carefree-ness of it!

We went to Taran's 'work' for FHE a couple of weeks ago--the photos in the collage of the kids by a pond, in a park area, stone wall and waterfall. My parents came--dad sat in the van we parked next to the area. He gets tired just getting in and out of the van. BYU has re-landscaped the south campus and that is where Taran works. It is just beautiful! I could tell he is proud of what he has done this summer.

We let the kids have late nights with friends over these last 2 weeks but I only remembered to take a picture of Izak's. They all had a lot of fun.

We visited Seven Peaks one Saturday morning and Erin our niece met up with us there. Timo and Izak each brought friends. We had a lot of fun until it got crowded. Tim took off last Thursday and we went again and Izak brought a friend. Emily went with her friend Ashley.

It was free swim at Teresa's pool Tuesday so we went there this week and played with the Louw cousins. We got snowcones since it was our last time.

Last Sunday Erin brought us fun stuff from China! We had a nice visit with her and Tim's parents. See the photos of Gwen (and Micah) with the Chinese Princess headband/crown.
Last week the little kids watched Rango and seemed to like it. I also thought it was weird. But Tim and I watched Soul Surfer and loved it.

This week our leaders had challenged us to do service as a family (remember Pres. Eyring's talk). They planned service as a ward this Saturday. We helped our neighbors pack on Monday--they are moving to Texas. Emily took the younger kids and played with them while we older people packed and moved stuff upstairs to their garage. They have a 2 year old so it makes it hard to get too much done when she isn't occupied! She is darling and we will miss their family! We also planned a casual gathering for them to say good bye and took them dinner their last night. I was also able to go to the temple this week. Last week Tim and I went for our ward temple night and that was a neat experience. A member of the temple Presidency spoke to us and was impressed with how many came out--he commented that they have stake nights with less. We have a unique ward, that is for sure! He pronounced a blessing on us which was really neat as well. Yesterday the men helped in the yards of 2 neighbors in need, Timo and the YM helped as well. Emily cleaned a widows windows. I was teaching a merit badge class for our stake so Taran had the little people. Micah had a scrimmage for soccer so Taran drove him and took Gwen and Zane along. Izak was with me. So we got a lot of service in this week!

I got to stay with my dad some Friday, my mom needed to go back to Idaho. My sister spent the night but I did the day shift. I had great time. While he rested I was able to finalize my merit badge class stuff. Tim took the day off as well and took the kids to Trafalga (part of the 7 Peaks pass) and some friends. They had a lot of fun. When they got back the 3 boys found out who their teacher and classmates will be this year. Zane is the only one disappointed. I am a little concerned about his teacher and if he doesn't seem to be progressing I may have to pull him. We watched (or Tim mostly) our friends' kids while they went out for their anniversary. Their 4 are the ages of our last four. They watched Mars Needs Moms. It seemed kind of weird what I saw. I do love the book though. Not sure if they liked it or not. Later I gave blood which has made me much more tired than I remember feeling the last time I did it!

Tim and I had fun going out to dinner with our college friends the Eddingtons. Other friends were suppose to make it but alas life got in the way and they did not make it! Maybe next time! We almost didn't make it because all our older kids had obligations Taran went with friends to the Goo Goo Dolls/ Parachute concert in Park City, Timo had dodgeball tournament and Emily had a soccer referee class to attend. Our saintly neighbors helped out and watched Micah, Zane and Gwen until Timo could get them!

Yesterday after service I ran errands and then Tim and I took Emily and the younger kids to see the Winnie the Pooh Movie at the almost dollar movies ($3). It was really cute but I had a hard time staying awake. We got Wendy's and went home to eat. It was a fun last hurrah! Taran packed for college and played soccer with some of our kids and his friends. He was melancholy and his friend Kenzie brought him brownies. We watched America's Funniest Home Videos with him--when he was home to ever do that I don't remember! Feeling the change! Timo wanted to go to the stake dance but he couldn't convince his friend so they sat on our porch and talked instead! He went to the Lone Peak football the night before and had a lot of fun. He has been working on homework that is due when school starts--Tim is outraged!

So now I best get ready for church! Taran will become an elder next Sunday. So strange but also seems right how they progress and grow up! Have a great week! I'll try to breathe deeply!:)


4boyzmdmom said...

I quit giving blood a few years ago because whenever I do I feel exhausted and dizzy for a couple of weeks! Just don't think it's good for me. The Red Cross still calls me, though--makes me feel kind of bad to turn them down.

Taran moving out! I wonder if Scott will be doing that next year. I don't feel ready for it! Bittersweet--we want them to grow up and be responsible adults, but we'll miss them.

RAQ said...

I think starting my period (tmi) the day after made giving blood so hard.

So true you raise them to move on to bigger and better things only to realize that it's going to make good bye harder than you thought. At least I feel like he is ready for this phase of life. But it makes me wonder if it ever gets easier? I have 6 more to go!