Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miscellaneous update...

This photo is before Taran and his friends left to pick up their dates for Homecoming. You can check out more photos on Facebook if you are my friend! This was Taran's first date besides the fact that it was Homecoming. Big day! Here in Utah there is a strange tradition of the 'day date' before dinner and the dance. So I pose the question what if you realize after 15 minutes your date is a numskull? You still have many hours ahead of you to be tortured! Yikes, I guess you make sure you make a good choice. So they left at 11 AM to pick up the girls, they had a picnic and went ice blocking (sliding down a hill on a block of ice) and I am not sure what else I forgot to ask and Taran is gone at the moment (Stake Choir practice). Then they dropped the girls off to get ready and left to pick them up at 5 PM--I took the photo of them just before they got in the car. They took their dates to Carrabas, I guess it's sort of Italian and other food. I've never been but Taran enjoyed his food. Then they headed to the dance at the high school, got their pictures taken so I will scan that when it comes. He got home late but seemed to have a really good experience. I am so glad! He was able to go with a friend we knew in Orem in 1997 and we've kept in touch as they moved back to California and then back to Utah (not too far from us northwest) later and now Taran and Emma (the girl) have Spanish 4 together. Thanks to Emma for being the first date!:)

We have been busy with soccer, I think we had 8 games this week and that doesn't count practices. 2 we did not make it to because one was Izak's and he was sick, and Taran missed his due to Homecoming. Timo also missed his game (he and Taran are on the same team) because he hiked Mount Timpanogos starting at 1 AM in the morning so by the time they got home he was too tired, I couldn't get him to wake up! It is good fun, our kids need to be involved and we have neighbors who help out when things overlap!

BYU college football started and if you know us that means life stands still every Saturday while they play--unless a kid has a soccer game!:) We have the basic cable plan which does not provide the channels where their games are played so we invade relatives...mostly Tim's parents since my parents can't take the excitement anymore! BYU has done well and are in the top ten! We have a neighborhood competition to see who can pick the scores, etc of BYU each week and I won the first week! My prize was a toothbrush and toothpaste from a dentist (who happens to be our dentist) who lives in our neighborhood. My friend who organized the pool is getting spiffs from different people to give to the weekly winners, pretty fun! We didn't have to pay to do this either! I think Tim's family needs to setup a family group too!

Izak's been ill with a cold and finally got an ear infection from it but of course he didn't feel the pain until after hours so I took him to Urgent Care. He is doing much better now.

Labor Day we spent at my mom's. We had BBQ and she still had her pool up so the kids swam. Tim and some of the adults watched the US Open--tennis. Taran and Timo stayed home and worked on homework since Saturday they spent with friends. They got frozen pizza--which they love!

I made zucchini bread today, 'tis the season of neighbor gave me a ton of apples and peaches (her parents have an orchard). Tim made peach syrup and I froze a bag of peaches in sugar for later. The kids have enjoyed sliced apples dipped in caramel for an after school snack! I also made a tomato soup with all the tomatoes out of my garden, it was quite delicious! Tim and Emily tried it--I made it up so I was a little nervous to share.

I finally finished watching Camelot the musical. It's very long so I did it in 4 sittings! I give it a thumbs down. Sad story, tragic sad story...sorry I don't like that genre. Its kind of funny to see these actors who are old now or dead--Arthur was played by Richard Harris who was the 1st Dumbledore!

"Life is to be enjoyed, not endured"
— Gordon B. Hinckley

I got that quote at Swiss Days last Saturday (the 5th) when I went with Emily, my mom and sister-Teresa. We had fun, it was very crowded.

So do your best to ENJOY life not just ENDURE!


Cathy said...

Oh I want to try your tomato soup! We have a ton of tomatoes! Also, I'm not sure I have your email, so I can send you the pics that way if you want. I've never thought of the whole day date that way, but that's true...what if you don't like your date?

Benjamin said...

Don't judge Camelot by the movie version.

Of course, I can understand not being fond of tragedies, but in the end Camelot is a story of hope. OK, now I'm going to have to find time to write a blog entry on Camelot...

(It's my favorite musical of all time...)

Steph said...

So fun, and such a handsome crew. And really? Are they old enough to date? AHHHH!!!! Time is going wayyyyy to fast!!!

4boyzmdmom said...

Scott will be doing dates in just a year...yikes! (Although he can be shy, so maybe he'll wait longer.) I love the music from Camelot, and I admire the character of King Authur for enduring so much and still being hopeful and forgiving--he could have been very bitter. So in that way, it's a good show. But I know what you mean--tragic and sad! And all because people made bad choices.