Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

So I usually write about my kids on their birthdays and thought why not me? So bare with me... I was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. My parents were living in Ponca City, Oklahoma. My mom wanted to be near her mother so 2 weeks before she was due with me she flew home. They used forceps to get me out so I was bruised and contorted. My dad thought, 'that's what I deserve!" Then they wrapped me in a blue blanket--they were out of pink. So for several days he thought I was a boy so it was somewhat a consolation that I was all weird looking. Imagine his disappointment when he found out I was a girl! I survived his disappointment.

I am posting some photos I scanned of my sister and I awhile back--I don't have any baby pictures of me scanned, yet. I think I will post a slideshow of today it was so fun!!!

Tim took me out for breakfast this morning early-we left at 6:30 AM. Then we went to my parents, Teresa my sister took me to get my hair colored, cut, highlighted and styled--straight! It was fun. It was suppose to be a surprise but I figured it out anyway! I opened my presents from Tim and the kids. Then my visiting teachers took me to lunch, we had a great visit and the food was great too! I took a little nap-15 minutes, and we went to a movie. My sister Teresa and my mom joined us. We saw Up which was a very touching story. Everyone should see that movie sometime. We picked up pizza from Papa John's on our way home. Then we had strawberry short cake or chocolate cake. It was yummy! I went and laid down on my bed after getting Gwen in her pjs. I heard singing outside. "Happy Birthday to you..." I went outside to see a bunch of my friends/neighbors and some of their kids singing happy birthday, holding flowers and balloons for me! I cried it touched me so! My friend Julie had organized it, she kept calling me all day trying to figure out when I would be home! They gave me a card that most of them signed and a gift certificate to Sees candy! I feel very loved!!! It is amazing to me how many wonderful people I know and have in my life!!! Thank you! If you are reading this you are one of them!!!


The Cranes said...

Love the haircut!! I can't believe your dad thought you were a boy for a few days! Sounds like you had the perfect day--I'm glad.

4boyzmdmom said...

I love the haircut also--fun to see you with straight hair! I'm glad so many people did nice things for you--you do so many nice things for other people, so you deserve it! Wish I had been living close enough to come sing, too! (I guess I could have called you, though!)