Friday, April 24, 2009

Hercules . . .aren't we all like him in a way?

Yesterday while I was exercising my little kids wanted to watch Hercules, the cartoon by Disney. I let them watch something so I can exercise and shower hoping they won't get into trouble since they are busy watching! Anyway, sometimes they watch in the play room but today they watched where I was on the elliptical. I don't think Hercules did as well as it should have is my conclusion after watching most of it.


I feel we have many parallels in our own life, here are some I thought I'd share. We left our Heavenly home, although it was by our choice to come. Nevertheless, we have days when we feel like "we don't belong". We have Heavenly parents who love us very much and who send us help--Pegasus and Philotetes in Hercules case, you can figure out for yourself who they might be for us. Some of us were fortunate to come to loving, good earthly parents who would help us find our way back to our Heavenly parents. I feel for those who have not been so greatly blessed but I know the law of compensation, all will be made right someday because of Jesus Christ. There is the challenge he had to prove himself a hero to live with the gods again, isn't that what we are doing? Only we actually proving to ourselves where we want to be someday? There are also parallels with Hercules and Jesus Christ. I am sure you have noticed these too.

I had noticed these before but it struck me again that good shows that teach truth can come from Hollywood. It's too bad they choose otherwise most of the time. My little boy, Zane was actually asking about Hercules today and what it meant. What a great teaching opportunity!

Hercules says that he would "do anything to find himself right where he belongs." How often do we feel like giving up? But "we can go the distance" as Hercules says. So just my random thought, I find inspiration in a cartoon!:)

So dust off your copy or borrow mine, it may inspire you!

PS Sorry I tried 3 times to post a picture, still no luck!


The family said...

Im going to blockbuster tonight - you have inspired me =0)

4boyzmdmom said...

I've always thought that about the movie Hercules...most of it hit the plan of salvation right on the nose! I admit I always get teary eyed at the end when Zeus says "Now, my son, you can come home!" We'll have to "dust off" our copy someday soon!

Janna, Will, and Grace said...

I love that movie. One of the best Disney's. I haven't ever thought of it like that so I appreciate your thoghts a lot. It gave me something to ponder today. Also, thank you SOOOOO much for the adorable clothes. I have been meaning to tell you thanks since I got them. They are so cute.

Erinlizabeth said...

I LOVE Hercules! It's always been my second favorite Disney movie (Lion King is still #1). My dad thinks I'm crazy for liking it that much so thanks for standing up for it. ;-)

Erick said...

Who says I think you're crazy for liking it? I wouldn't put it at #2, but I like it.

Shellie said...

I love the songs from that movie-go the distance! I think my kids killed our copy. Once I taped Gigi and Kiki when they were little talking about their favorite movies. Kiki's was Toytoy (Toy Story) and Gigi's was Hercalercalercalese!(Hercules)